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Holiday Cottages – Facts about Christmas!

‘Tis the season to be jolly and to celebrate we have come up with a festive infographic showcasing the most interesting facts about Christmas!

Firstly, it is estimated that 80% of people will have their shopping done by 20th December, and in the process they will visit an average of eight shops in six and a half days! It also means that around 20% of us will leave it until the last minute to find the perfect present for someone special.

Once the gifts have been found, most people will spend around 2 hours and 27 minutes wrapping them; that is a lot of sellotape!

It is also claimed that we are all feeling a little more generous this year as shoppers are expected to spend on average £28.70 per gift - up £1.70 from 2012. Oh really, you shouldn’t have!

Interestingly, if you were given all of the gifts listed in the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” you would receive 364 gifts in total – nearly enough to serve you until next Christmas!

Without meaning to fuel the real vs. artificial debate, there are around 8.25 million real Christmas trees sold annually in the UK.

Furthermore, the pantomime, arguably one of the most entertaining seasonal traditions, was developed in the UK and entertains millions of people each year – Oh no it wasn’t, oh yes it was!

For those of you worried about how Santa will make it to every single house in one day, the time zones and movement of the sun give Santa about 24 hours to make all his visits…

…and in that time he’ll wriggle down 6,692,030,277 chimneys which is a whopping 77,455 homes a minute. To fuel his journey he’ll also devour over 2 billion mince pies!

Unfortunately for Santa, he won’t have time to enjoy the world’s largest mince pie which weighed in at 1.02 tonnes (2,260lb) after being baked at Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire, on 15 October 1932.

Sticking to the subject of festive food, Christmas 2012 saw the UK gobble up 10 million turkeys, with more expected to be on the plate this year.

Instead of a cheesy joke, here’s a great fact to pull out over dinner; Christmas Crackers were invented in the UK by a travelling candy-maker who got the idea from Parisian bon-bons!

Finally, at 3pm GMT millions of people across the world will tune in to watch the Royal Christmas message which has been a tradition in the UK since 1932, with the first televised broadcast being aired in 1957 and the first 3D broadcast taking place in 2012.

Why not enjoy these facts about Christmas in one of our festively decorated Christmas cottages and make the festive season one to remember this year?

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