A photographers dream

From sunrise to sunset the peak district offers some of the most stunning landscapes and views, waiting to be snapped up and captured in all its glory!

A photographers dream in the Peak District

Hayley on Jul 09, 2015

Home to some of Britain’s most majestic landscapes the Peak District is a budding photographers dream. From snow-capped peaks to rippling waterfalls capturing the region at its finest can be a thrilling experience.

Whether at sunrise or sunset, at the height of summer or the depths of winter, the Peak District is a beautiful location with Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Capturing the panoramic views with your lens whilst on holiday in the area could possibly be the most valuable souvenir you can take away with you. What better way to show your loved ones the finest elements of your holiday than with a postcard you have created yourself.

To save you spending your holiday scouting out the best locations, we have composed a list of some of the most spectacular scenes and hidden gems you can go hunting for to get that sought-after shot.

Padley Gorge

What better way to start off your photography adventure than with this stunning circular walk, which leads you through the deep but narrow valley of Padley Gorge. Renowned for its sun-dappled rock pools, the gorge is wooded with the Burbage Brook stream running throughout allowing you to capture some gorgeous water shots. This location is particularly pretty in autumn when the trees encasing the stream lose their leaves and it becomes a field of amber and orange. Padley Gorge is also one of the only areas with waterfalls and cascades in the national park making it a popular spot for photographers.

Owler Tor

Capturing the sun setting over Owler Tor of an evening can make for a spectacular shot, the many boulders speckling the ground adds interest and depth to photos taken of the area. Owler Tor is also home to the Mother Cap rock formation which you will pass on your way up to the top, at which you will be surrounded by the most stunning views. The high altitude at which you will find yourself allows you to see for miles around.

Lumsdale Falls

It would be impossible not to get a great shot at this location, the stunning Lumsdale Falls are a beauty to behold at any time of the year, a visit at winter will show the ground highlighted by a delicate dusting of snow and a visit at the peak of summer will provide a vision of vegetation and greenery. Lumsdale Falls is a wooded gorge of outstanding beauty with stone ruins, waterwheels, ponds and waterfalls, tucked away above the village of Matlock. With such a diverse landscape you will be greeted with a perfect photo opportunity at every turn.

Dove Hole Caves

A visit to the Peak District is not complete without experiencing the charm of the many caves lining the edges. Dove Hole Caves, with the contrast from the dark inner caves to the bright green fields and rolling hills surrounding the entrance makes for a spectacular photo when captured at the right time of day. The circular walk to find these caves are an easy but picturesque one, allowing you to pass some other fascinating sights along your way such as the Dove Dale stepping stone, Lions Head Rock and the Tissington Spires.

Winnats Pass

Winnats Pass is every photographer’s dream, with stunning green hills rolling inwards, to meet a winding road hugging the edges, whichever angle you are capturing from you are sure to get that picture-postcard shot. A great time to head to this location is early in the morning to catch the mist rising over the peaks, revealing the beautiful lakes and valleys at Hope. Winnats Pass is a collapsed lime-stone cave system making for steep cliffs on all sides, which creates some heady heights on which you can get a great vantage point.

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