5 car games to play on long journeys


Posted by Hannah on 10th January 2017

Holidays are great but sometimes just getting to the cottage can be a feat in itself. We've listed five great car games to keep the kids occupied en-route to your cottage holiday! Let the fun commence.

Roadside bingo

Download and print our free roadside bingo boards!

Made up of common road signs, players can cross off the road signs that they see along the journey. The first person to get a row across, down or diagonally wins.

Keep the boards in the car and carry on looking for road signs until they are all crossed off - the first person to spot them all and shout BINGO is the ultimate winner!

Why not laminate the bingo boards and use with a dry wipe marker? With six unique boards, the players can swap between themselves for hours of reusable fun!

Pub cricket

This game is best played when driving along A and B roads as opposed to the motorway as you will be more likely to spot pubs.

Players take it in turns to ‘bat’ and when batting, any pubs that you pass translate into ‘runs’ (depending on the number of legs in the pub’s name). For example, a pub called The Three Pigeons would give the batsman 6 runs. A pub with no legs would give no runs.

The batsman collects runs until they pass a pub which has either ‘Arms’ or ‘Head’ in the title, e.g. The Chichester Arms. They are then ‘out’ and the next player begins to collect runs.

If a pub has a plural in the name but doesn’t specify how many, you assume that there are two, for example:The Bakers (4 runs).

The winner is the player with the highest number of runs when you reach your destination.

Matt and Ellie play pub cricket on their way to their holiday cottage. Ellie begins and they pass The Fox (4), The Oak Tree (0), Coach and Horses (8 points because we assume two horses and no passengers) and the King’s Head – Ellie is out with 12 points.

It is Matt’s turn to bat and they pass The Crown and Anchor (0), The Red Lion (4), The Three Horseshoes (0) and The Carpenter's Arms - Matt is out with 4 points.

Ellie is back in and they pass The Pig and Rooster (6), The Zebra (4), The Fox and Hounds (12) and The County Arms – Ellie is out and now has a total of 34 runs.

It is now Matt’s turn and they pass The Seven Swans (14), The Twenty Church Wardens (40) and The Goose and Gander (4) before arriving at their holiday cottage.

The journey ended with Ellie having 34 runs and Matt having 66!

Car Pool

Ideal for the motorway, this car game can be played with cars either going in the opposite direction or in other lanes of the same direction.

To play this simple game, children must first pick a common car colour, e.g. red, and then spot seven cars of that colour followed by a black one. If you (or your opponent) spots a white car then the game switches to another player.

A series of unfortunate-fortunate events

This game will get everyone giggling. Take it in turns to add a sentence to the story, starting with either ‘unfortunately’ or ‘fortunately’ e.g. "Unfortunately, a lion is going to attack us..." followed by "Fortunately, I took lion taming lessons!" The sillier the statements, the funnier the story!


The options for this game are endless and will encourage learning too. Beginning with the letter A, take it in turns to think of a brand of car starting with the next letter of the alphabet, for example Audi. A model of that car then has to be spotted before moving onto the next letter (B for BMW, C for Chevrolet...etc.). If you can’t think of a car (or spot one) for a letter of the alphabet, that letter can be skipped but you must find either a second of the letter before or the letter after, so if you can’t think of a car beginning with E then you could instead find two Fords (shouldn’t be hard!).

If you’re stuck for car brands, here’s a few to get you started:

A - Audi, Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo, Austin

B - Bentley, Bugatti, BMW, Bristol

C - Chrysler, Cadillac, Citroën

D - Daimler, Datsun, Daihatsu, DeLorean, Dodge

F - Ford, Fiat, Ferrari

G - General Motors,

H - Honda, Hyundai

I - Isuzu

J - Jeep, Jaguar

K - Kia

L - Lamborghini, Lotus, Land Rover, Lexus

M - Mitsubishi, Mercedes, Mazda, Morris, MG

N - Nissan

O - Opel

P - Porsche, Proton, Peugeot

R - Renault, Rolls Royce

S - Skoda, Seat, Subaru, Saab, Smart, Scimitar, Spitfire

T - Toyota, Triumph, TR-7, Trabant

U - Ultima

V - Volkswagen, Vauxhall

W - Wolsley

When you arrive at your destination and are looking for something else to keep the little ones engaged, try our printable Countryside Treasure Hunt or Beach Treasure Hunt!

Disclaimer: Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information at the time of writing, please ensure you check carefully before making any decisions based on the contents within this article.