50 traditional games and activities from your childhood

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To help celebrate the 100th anniversary of Ladybird Books, we've listed our top 50 traditional games and activities.

From building a den to making daisy chains, flying a kite or blowing bubbles, traditional childhood games allow us to use our imagination and creativity.

Remember making paper aeroplanes or building sandcastles? So do we. Nostalgia is a huge part of family holidays whether you’re on the beach or in the countryside. There’s a reason why these traditional activities are still so popular – it’s because we all love being creative and being outside. Here in the UK, traditional seaside holidays in places like Devon and Cornwall have allowed us to go rock pooling and fly kites, while rural breaks were all about making daisy chains and skipping rope.

If you’re looking for traditional ideas for party games, why not play a game of musical chairs or pass the parcel? These ideas never go out of style. Check out our top 50 traditional games and activities graphic to inspire your next holiday.


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Posted by Ed on 11th May 2017