Allendale Tar Barrels Ceremony

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Allendale Tar Barrels Ceremony

On 31st December each year, the usually quiet Northumberland town of Allendale welcomes hundreds of visitors from far and wide to join the locals in a fiery celebration: the Allendale Tar Barrels ceremony.

This year is no exception as the town prepares itself once again for this centuries old tradition to banish the evil spirits.

Throughout the evening costumed men with blackened faces, known as ‘guisers’, entertain the crowds. The evening culminates in the procession of flaming tar barrels through the town to be thrown onto a bonfire at midnight.

Why not head to Allendale to join in the excitement of this true Northumberland festival? You’ll be guaranteed a memorable New Year’s Eve!

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Posted by Clare on 9th December 2016