An interview with an old fashioned sweet shop owner

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Posted by Hayley on 3rd January 2017

Nothing takes us back to our childhood more than a pin-striped paper bag overflowing with our favourite sugary treats and chocolate delights, the tastes of a bygone era sends our imaginations running wild and instantly transports us down memory lane.

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At Edward and Vintage, a tiny old fashioned sweet shop set in the Peak District national park in a small village called Tissington, they exhibit the most wonderful old-fashioned confectionery for all its nostalgic customers to enjoy! Pastel hues of sugar coated chocolate eggs and the vibrant shades of pink and green rosy apples fill glass jars which line the walls from floor to ceiling - sitting alongside every other childhood classic you can think of from coffee and cream fudge to tangy pear drops. David, the owner of this little slice of sugar heaven has it covered.

The old fashioned theme doesn’t just stop at the sweets, fudge and chocolate – every detail is designed perfectly to give the customer a unique shopping experience. All parcels are sent out wrapped in brown paper and string, the décor consists of retro adverts, traditional scales and an antique till and the owner is clad in vintage post-war clothing.

As part of our new Vintage Holidays hub, we caught up with David to get some inside knowledge of what it’s really like to own your own old-fashioned sweet shop!


What made you decide to open your own sweet shop?

I have always had a love for vintage things and as a child started to collect old adverts and packaging. When I moved to Tissington I fell in love with 'Beech Cottage' which was formerly the village post office, it seemed to be begging to be brought back to life as some form of shop, and a sweet shop linked into a lot of the old packaging I had collected.

What is the best part about owning a sweet shop?


Sweet shops should be all about having fun, and it is as wonderful to see the joy on adults faces as it is the children, whatever age you are when you come in we hope you leave about age seven!

Which sweets are the most popular?

Our shop-made fudge 'Choccy Chewy Bang' is a number one best seller, I cannot seem to make enough! As for sweets it has to be 'Pink Champagne'. Chocolate and Champers, what else could anyone want?

What do you think about the revival of traditional sweets?

Britain has faced a tough time over the last few years, but it seems to have given us focus on what we really value, customer service, great hand-made products and a little bit of magic. It’s not just about the old fashioned sweets but the old fashioned flavours we all remember and want our children to enjoy.

Please can you explain your rationing system?

Our ration books started as a way for parents to put money on a card so the children could learn how to make their money last over the month, but soon we were sending them all over the country as gift vouchers for our more mature customer base! You can pay to have money put on a ration book and have it made out to the person you want to receive a gift, we then make up the ration book and send it out with a full menu of sweets so they can choose how to spend their ration points. We also do these as a mail out option where when the person has chosen there sweets, they place the order with us and we wrap up a brown paper parcel and post out all the rations to them.

What is your favourite sweet?

Flying saucers! You get so many for your money!!

How many different types of sweets do you stock?

We usually hold up to 25 flavours of handmade fudge and anything up to 300 varieties of sweets and chocolate.

What is the most unusual sweet you sell?

I think the 'Pink Champagne', and 'Gin and Tonic' flavours are quite an eye opener!

Is your customer base largely made up of children?

Yes, we cater to children aged from about 2 to 92! When it comes to sweets we are all children at heart....or is that just me?

If you want to take a visit to Edward and Vintage for yourself, why not browse through our collection of cottages in the area!

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