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Posted by Clare on 4th January 2020

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Here in the UK we are lucky to have acre upon acre of incredible countryside to explore. From the rolling hills of the South West, to the windswept moorland in the North of England and a whole network of hedge-lined lanes linking charming rural villages across the country, it’s all out there waiting to be discovered.

But sometimes it can be hard to get the children as enthusiastic as you are about a lovely countryside walk, especially when there’s not a touch screen or tablet in sight!

That’s where our Countryside Treasure Hunt comes in. Set the little ones a challenge and keep them occupied and interested while you get some fresh air and experience the countryside as a family.

countryside treasure hunt

They’ll need to keep their eyes peeled to spot ten natural treasures, from squirrels and snails to toadstools and feathers. Encourage them to look up into the tree tops, peer into bushes, scour the ground and listen carefully to see if they can be first to find all of the items on the list. The harder the natural treasure is to spot, the more points it is awarded, meaning brothers and sisters can play together with a little friendly competition to keep them even more engaged.

Having tried it ourselves, we warn you that the kids may not be the only ones to get caught up in the thrill of the treasure hunt!

Download your treasure hunt here! 


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