Can you find Santa's missing elf?


Posted by Hannah on 8th December 2019

Have you noticed a change in the air? Well, apart from the fact it’s cold enough to see the breath in front of your face and turn your toes to ice in the morning? Maybe you’ve spotted some colourful lights in the windows on your street? Or passed a wreath on the front of a house or heard the jingle of sleigh bells through a shop door? That’s right, the countdown to Christmas has begun and to celebrate the start of the festive season, we’ve created this mind-boggling brainteaser to help pass the time until Father Christmas starts on his rounds. 

Before he does that, Santa needs to make sure everything is ready for a smooth Christmas Eve. It’s around this time of year that he opens up the garage, harnesses the reindeer and takes the sleigh out for a test drive. After all, there’s no one to offer roadside assistance if you blow a gasket over the Himalayas, so it’s good to be prepared.

This year, Santa took his test flight over some beautiful holiday cottages in Cornwall. The flight went like a dream, apart from one little mishap. Santa’s chief elf mechanic fell out of the sleigh (during a particularly lovely loop the loop) and landed in the soft snow below. Santa needs to pick her up and get back to the workshop before either of them are spotted.

Spot the elf in this Christmas brainteaser

It’s taken some of us as long as 1 minute and 46 seconds to spot the elf - can you find her any quicker? As everyone knows, elves are more likely to reveal themselves to children, so if you’re struggling, why not see if your family can help? The quicker Santa gets home, the faster he can get back to building toys!

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