Christmas craft ideas

Christmas, Fall into Winter

Posted by Clare on 14th November 2016

Christmas craft ideas

There is something very special about a ‘homemade’ Christmas. Hand-crafted decorations, freshly baked mince pies and carefully prepared gifts lend a magical feeling to the festive period.

If you choose to take a cottage break at this time of year, you’ll find numerous Christmas craft fairs where you can pick up decorations and presents to put a smile on the faces of your loved ones.

Why not pack a little craft box to take with you to the cottage too? That way you can make your own extra special festive items while you’ve got time to take care over them.

We’ve prepared a few ideas to inspire your Christmas creativity.

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Adult crafts

Natural star

Christmas craft ideas

Collect skinny twigs when you’re out and about on a winter walk, cut them to the same size and arrange them in a star shape. Fasten together with glue, twine or ribbon and add a loop for hanging.

Paper baubles

Cut six circles out of red and green thin card so you have 12 in total. Fold them all in half and stack them red, green, green, red, red, green green, red, red, green, green, red. Staple the stack together along the fold, once at the top, once at the bottom. Dab a dot of glue on the top circle, about one third up from the bottom and fold the opposite ‘flap’ over to stick to it. On the next circle, dab glue about one third down from the top and fold and stick again. Repeat the process around, alternating high and low glue dots. Stick a ribbon to the top and display with pride!

Snowman decorations

Christmas craft ideas

Cut snowman shapes out of white felt and sew two together around the edge. You can stuff them lightly to plump them up a bit and decorate with buttons, ribbons and sequins.

For the little ones

Christmas is all about family, and harnessing the excitement in a creative way can make it all the more special.

Paper chains

Christmas craft ideas

One of the most simple Christmas crafts, making paper chains will keep children occupied for hours, especially if you ask them to make enough to decorate a room! Help them cut out strips of paper from coloured paper about 3cm wide and 20cm long. Loop one paper strip into a circle and glue or tape the ends. Loop the next one through and fasten in the same way, repeating the process until the chain is long enough.

Handy Wreath

You’ll need lots of green paper in different shades and several pairs of willing hands! Let your little ones draw around their hands and carefully cut out each one. Arrange them on a circular ring of card and stick some red dots on at random to look like berries. You could even add a sprinkling of glitter to make them extra sparkly!

Snowmen friends

Christmas craft ideas

Concertina a piece of white paper about 5 cm between each fold. Draw a simple snowman shape on the top of the folded paper, making sure his outstretched arms touch the sides. Cut out carefully and let the little ones loose with glitter, pens and sequins to decorate!

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