Fossil Hunting in Somerset

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Fossil Hunting in Somerset

The neighbouring county of Dorset is better known for its fossil hunting, but Somerset has plenty of beaches offering fantastic finds. If you're planning a a trip for fossil hunting in Somerset, here's our top guide on the places to find the best fossils:

Watchet Beach: Visit to see reptile remains and amazing ammonites, huge fault lines can be seen in the cliffs and you'll definitely be able to find reptile remains along the foreshore. This beach is good for a family trip fossil hunting  in Somerset, as the foreshore is safe and open as well as being away from the cliffs. Please note, this is a beach so there is a tide, be sure to only search for fossils at low tide or when the tide is on its way out.

Quantoxhead: Spend hours searching within all the rocky platforms and delving into the rock pools to find shells, fish reptile remains and ammonites, as well as many living creatures too! Children are advised to stay away from the cliffs, but there is plenty of beach to explore.

Kilve Cliffs: Kilve is a brilliant location to see some fantastic fossils. There are restrictions on collecting however, because it could harm the ammonites. With beautiful surroundings, you'll be amazed at all the exposed ammonites, many other fossils can be seen here too. Please be careful though, keep watch for the tide as it is possible to get cut off from the tide at Kilve.

Dressing for Fossil Hunting in Somerset:

Every intrepid explorer planning a trip for fossil hunting in Somerset must make sure they have the correct gear:

  • Safety Gear: fossil hunters need hard hats and protective eyewear, to protect from falling rocks and sharp fragments
  • A high visibilty vest
  • A magnifying glass to inspect your fossil finds
  • Protective padding to transport your Jurassic (or Triassic!) finds safely home

Fossil hunting in Somerset is a great day out and a way to explore all the beautiful beaches that Somerset has to offer. For days when the sun isn't shining to its full potentail, grab the fossil hunting gear and explore! We have a wonderful selection of Somerset cottages that make the perfect base to explore Somerset's Jurrasic history.

For more information visit UK Fossils

Image kindly donated by Discovering Fossils

Posted by Emma on 4th August 2017