Holiday must haves

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holiday must haves

We asked a group of bloggers to tell us what their must-have items were for a family holiday in the UK, when luggage limits are not an issue and the only limitations are the size of their car!  Read on to find out what items our bloggers would not leave behind…

On the top of Nicola’s list was an umbrella and welly boots (there’s nothing like being prepared) but she also couldn’t bear to leave behind her salt and vinegar crisps and even her stripy deckchair – she was very specific!

Becky chose a few items but would make sure she took her picnic basket, well what better way can you make family memories than a picnic in the park?

Eileen chose to take her own bolster pillow, but then she also asked a number of her friends what they wouldn’t leave behind – most of them chose a variation of entertainment for the kids!

From her own pillows, to make up and extra pairs of shoes, Emma makes sure it’s not just the rest of the family who are well prepared. On the other hand, Jodie’s list was primarily items for her daughters, which leaves little room for her partner’s clothes – he just sticks to a rucksack for the essentials!

Wine and Champagne made it onto the lists for Charlotte and Claire – just in case they need to escape once the kids are asleep (or awake!); and to keep the family fed, pancake ingredients and a juicer were top of the list for Hannah, she also wouldn’t go anywhere without a good organic veg bag!

Fiona and Carolin both say they wouldn’t go anywhere without their own towel and some reading material, they both also have issues with leaving the outside world and wouldn’t go anywhere without their electronic devices!

With her partner and daughter topping her list, Vicky couldn’t bear to leave behind their PS3 Rockband game – that sounds like a fantastic night in! Also picking toys and entertainment for their little ones were Niki, Erica and MrsFO5 ho would prioritise their children’s entertainment and memories over anything for themselves.

With make-up, hairdryer and straighteners, as well as bags of toys for her children Bex seems very organised with her list of holiday must-haves.

Choosing tea bags over her children (she did admit it herself), Nikki also comes prepared with a sat nav and wet weather essentials. Tea also made the list of a number of our bloggers including Isil who had also chosen essentials such as chocolate and board games for the kids.

And finally, our chosen winner of the competition, Emma from Crazy with Twins. We think her window cleaner and general dog’s body of a husband deserves a holiday – so congratulations and enjoy your cottage break!

We worked in partnership with Purely Devon Hampers on the competition, so make sure you pop over and check out their website!

Posted by Emmas on 6th November 2014