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Posted by Sam on 16th June 2020

Our planet, our future, your staycation

We want to highlight ourselves as a responsible choice for UK holidays. We want to tell you all about our exciting current initiatives and partnerships with like-minded organisations as well as our chosen partnerships that we will support in the future.

As a business, we put our social, ethical and environmental responsibility at the heart of everything we do – we’ve always considered it to be one of our core values. Now more than ever, it is important for businesses such as ours to take a strong stance regarding the communities and places in which our holiday cottages are located. It is crucial we always consider our impact on local areas as well as within the wider world.

We are championing the need to educate and raise awareness within our teams, as well as amongst our guests and owners about the challenges we are facing. We know that, together, we can all make small differences which add up to big changes. We want to create opportunities for everyone to get involved by publishing insightful and educational content which will enable changes to happen. We aim to give information on everything from how to get involved in beach cleans whilst on holiday, to how our owners provide items in their properties that can be used time and time again.

For our guests

As a company, we have always been dedicated to giving our customers the opportunity to make amazing memories whilst discovering new and exciting locations.

We know that whilst you are searching for holidays in great properties, in incredible locations, we are also aware how increasingly important it has become that you are able to make more responsible choices when booking a holiday and clearly staycations remain one of the most sustainable choices. So, when you book with us, you can make a meaningful contribution to ensuring that future generations can go on enjoying the areas you love to visit, as well as helping to support the local people in the regions you choose to holiday.

Responsible holidays

We want to help inspire a rediscovery of the beauty of the UK whilst doing our bit to help preserve the oceans, woodland, countryside and wildlife that may form the highlights of a holiday. We want to focus on reducing the visible effects tourism has on the beaches we love and in the villages and towns in which we stay; we want to be able, in some small part, to avoid throwing these destinations and their natural beauty into an uncertain future and instead, encourage guests to enjoy the beauty of the UK in a responsible and environmentally conscious way. By encouraging our guests to make sustainable swaps, inspire them to head to lesser-known locations and encourage the discovery of hidden gems we hope they will find themselves eagerly welcomed, make connections with their surroundings and discover the most authentic of holiday experiences.

Beach Cleans
Plastic Free July

For our business

We’re continually working to better consider the choices we make as a business in order to chart a more sustainable and ethical course for our company as well as a more sustainable future for British tourism.

Even in the early days of our company, supporting charitable events and finding ways to contribute to great causes has been something we have encouraged within our teams and the company in its entirety. More recently, we have been taking action to ensure our business is conducted in ways that reduce our impact on the environment, and we will continue to build on this.

Annually, we support a number of charities and organisations as one small way to do our part in addressing a range of both social and environmental issues. One prime example is our sponsorship of Ocean Revival 2020 – a four-man team who will attempt an arduous 3,700-mile row across the North Atlantic Ocean in order to raise awareness of the fight against plastic in our oceans.

Partnerships - with a little help from some friends

Partnerships with like-minded organisations and charities have always been an important focus for us. We’ve already begun to support local and national charities, initiatives and organisations and we hope this will continue to grow in the coming months and years.

Most recently, we have created strong partnerships with charities such as the RSPB and the Marine Conservation Society as a way of ensuring we play a role in addressing social and environmental issues. Our collaboration with these uniquely positioned organisations means we have been able to make differences in areas relating to the holiday experiences we offer.

Join in with the Autumn Holiday Watch and find out more about the RSPB and their work.


RSPB – working together to help save nature for future generations

It’s essential to preserve the places we love and save nature’s voice. That’s why is working with the RSPB to protect nature for the future by supporting its work on more than 200 nature reserves, with over 16,000 UK species across thousands of acres of land. Our stunning wildlife and landscapes are what make the UK such an extraordinary place to stay and is not only helping the RSPB to fund the vital restoration of over 100 hectares of coastal habitats in the UK, but is also supporting the RSPB in regenerating 80,000 square metres of native woodland. This will provide vital homes for wildlife, store carbon to protect the climate and strengthen the forest for future generations. 

Marine Conservation Society

A further charity which we support in order to protect our seas, shores and wildlife is the Marine Conservation Society which has worked tirelessly for more than thirty years to protect beaches and coastlines, and created initiatives to improve water quality and securing healthier seas for the future,  as well as acting as a voice for the creatures beneath the surface. You can read more about the Marine Conservation Society and how we are committed to helping them below.

Supporting the Marine Conservation Society

For our owners

Our owners are the foundation of our business who go above and beyond to make your stay a great experience. There are also many who are now taking steps to make their properties more sustainable, from tree-planting schemes to hot tubs which have been repurposed from digger buckets. There are also properties that make use of low-impact building materials and rainwater collection, generate lighting and heating from renewable sources, and provide electric car charging points, as well as properties whose unique selling point is having no electricity at all.

We want to build on these efforts, learn from our owners and raise awareness on how effective and realistic changes can be made in every property to improve the sustainability of that holiday let, whether it be additional recycling opportunities, sustainable swaps or greener products. By working together, these small changes will encourage guests to make little differences to their holidays which will add up to a positive impact for our planet.

Staycation with us

It’s time we gave a voice to our efforts in the hope that it encourages our guests, owners and the travel industry to do the same and support change for a better planet. With recent events, it is more important than ever to stand together in these endeavours to foster a sense of shared responsibility and create a sense of community and affinity.

Stay for our oceans, our woodland, our wildlife – staycation with us, for you and for our future.

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