Introducing the Wy y Ddraig Tree Tent!

If you’re a fan of quirky holidays and getting closer to nature, you may already know about one of the more unusual properties in our collection, the Red Kite Tree Tent, a truly unique glamping pod suspended in the treetops. The Red Kite Tree Tent is the first of its kind and, after enjoying some amazing success, including featuring on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, a second tree tent has now been raised up into the woodland canopy.

Named Wy y Ddraig, Dragon’s Egg in Welsh, we’re delighted to welcome this second tree tent in to our collection. It joins its sister pod in a tranquil woodland setting, high up amongst the trees with a gently trickling stream below, in the heart of the peaceful Welsh countryside near Builth Wells, Powys.

We were very lucky to be able to join the owners behind this project, Anjana and David Devoy, and Luminair, who designed and constructed Wy y Ddraig, as they put the new tree tent together and lifted it up amongst the treetops. The process was fascinating to watch, and you can see the complete journey below:

In the video, Anjana and David talk about what inspired them to create the tree tents and just how magical a setting the surrounding woodland is. Described as an “antidote to city living”, the tree tent is designed to bring people closer to nature, with its large decking area, very own fire pit and a fusion of camping, log cabins and treehouse living. It’s the perfect place to truly get away from it all, set in its off-the-grid location deep in the Welsh countryside.

The giant 3m pod was constructed from a wood and lightweight aluminium frame, before being dressed in protective material and raised up into the treetops. As well as boasting a range of comfortable features, the tree tent has been fully wool insulated and fitted with solar lighting so that guests can enjoy a stay here all year round. Below are a few shots taken during the construction process.

The bare bones of the tree tent

Dressing the tree tent with fabric

Adding the finishing touches

Raising the tree tent up into the trees

The finished product

Inside Wy y Ddraig Tree Tent

If you’ve been tempted by this tree tent’s tranquil and quirky charm, head to our Wy y Ddraig Tree Tent property page to see even more of the finished product and start planning your perfect woodland hideaway.

Posted by Hannah on 7th September 2017