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Posted by Ed Roberts on 11th September 2023

The best places to eat and drink in Marazion - St Michael's Mount and causeway at low tide

Marazion is a Cornish village with a front-row seat to one of England’s most iconic sea views. Looking out to St Michael’s Mount, Marazion is the touchdown point for visitors hoping for a sunny beach day and a walk across the causeway (at low tide) to the island.

Given the attractive nature of the view, there are plenty of reasons to dine in Marazion, whether it’s a light lunch, a takeaway, or an evening meal. The village is a short drive from Penzance too, for an even larger choice of places to eat and drink. For more inspiration regarding delicious places to eat in Cornwall, why not read our similar guide too?

We have compiled a short guide to our favourite restaurants and pubs in Marazion. If you are planning a foodie trip to Marazion and Cornwall, why not stay at one of our self-catering holiday properties? Browse our collection of Marazion accommodation by clicking on the button below.

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Best Marazion restaurants

The Cutty Sark Restaurant and Bar | View of St Michael's Mount from lookout | Calamari rings

The Cutty Sark Restaurant and Bar | ££  

Stop in at the Marazion Hotel to check out its in-house restaurant and bar, The Cutty Sark. Named after the famous clipper that is docked in Greenwich in London, this restaurant should be one of the first places you book for a fine-quality evening meal. 

Specialising in a whole host of dishes made with Cornish ingredients, the Cutty Sark is a great place to unwind. There is a specials board as well as an ever-changing menu to reflect seasonal availability. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner.

Good to know

  • Location: The Cutty Sark at the Marazion Hotel, In The Square, Marazion, TR17 0AP
  • Menu:Visit the website for a peek 
  • Price range: £40 - £50 (per head – based on the evening menu)
  • Stay nearby: Chimaya | sleeps 4 + 1 dog   

Shutters at the Godolphin | St Michael's Harbour | Dining by the bay

Shutters at the Godolphin | ££

With wide views across the bay to St Michael’s Mount, Shutters is a superb choice for those looking for a relaxing Cornish-style meal in lovely surroundings. Shutters also holds dining events throughout the year with wine pairings or international themes, so be sure to keep a watchful eye on their website. 

Seafood is popular on the menu, with dishes concocted from the freshly caught fish landed at nearby Newlyn. Book ahead to avoid missing out on one of the area’s best-loved eateries.

Good to know

  • Location: Shutters at The Godolphin, W End, Marazion, TR17 0EN
  • Menu:Visit the website for a peek 
  • Price range: £40 - £60 (per head – based on the evening menu)
  • Stay nearby: Shellseekers | sleeps 4   

The best Marazion cafes

Island Café and the Harbour Loft | St Michael's Mount in profile | Grilled cheese sandwich

Island Café and the Harbour Loft | £

Island Café and the Harbour Loft are not strictly in Marazion, they are on St Michael’s Mount. Run by the National Trust, this café is located within the lower bailey of St Michael’s Castle. It can be reached via the causeway at low tide; you can enjoy a light lunch before climbing St Michael’s Mount to explore the seriously impressive castle and its grounds. 

The café is open for breakfast and lunches and offers a vast range of pasties, sandwiches and cakes, including Cornish cream teas. It’s lovely.

Good to know

  • Location: Island Café and Harbour Loft, St Michael’s Mount, Marazion, TR17 0HS
  • Menu: There is no online menu available at the moment 
  • Price range: £10 - £15 (per head)
  • Stay nearby: Lynwood Cottage | sleeps 2 + 2 dogs 

The Copper Spoon | Ham salad roll | Causeway at low tide in Marazion

The Copper Spoon | £

If you love vegetarian food, then perhaps you should make a beeline for The Copper Spoon. An exemplar in plant-based dishes and salads, the cooks at this café prepare their light lunches from Cornish ingredients. 

Speciality coffee and homemade cakes are also the order of the day here if you get peckish on your stroll around Marazion. Dogs are welcome at The Copper Spoon too!

Good to know

  • Location: The Copper Spoon, Fore Street, Marazion, TR17 0AH
  • Menu: There is no online menu available at the moment
  • Price range: £10 – 12 (per head)
  • Stay nearby: Riverside | sleeps 2 + 2 dogs

Chapel Rock Café | Marazion as seen from the top of St Michael's Mount | Chicken sandwich on toasted brown bread

Chapel Rock Café | £

A stalwart on the Marazion scene, Chapel Rock Café is a popular spot for lunch. If you are hungry and need more than a light lunch or a snack, this café offers fish and chips and fresh Newlyn crab salad. 

You can buy takeaway to eat on the prom as you enjoy views across the bay to St Michael’s Mount – we’d recommend the Moomaid ice cream and milkshakes. 

Good to know

  • Location: Chapel Rock Café, Kings Road, Marazion, TR17 0EJ
  • Menu: There is no online menu available at the moment
  • Price range: £10 – 12 (per head)
  • Stay nearby: Chy Merthen East | sleeps 2 + 2 dogs 

The best Marazion pubs

The Kings Arms | Dolphin statue at Marazion with St Michael's Mount in the background

The Kings Arms | £

The Kings Arms in Marazion is a cosy and friendly pub that is a favourite with locals for its range of real ales from St Austell Brewery and its menu full of inspiring choices. 

Freshly prepared from Cornish ingredients, food is served in the afternoons and until the early evening so book ahead, so you don’t miss out.

Good to know

  • Location: The Kings Arms, In The Square, Marazion TR17 0AP
  • Menu: Visit the website for a peek 
  • Price range: £4 - £15 (per head)
  • Is the Kings Arms a dog-friendly pub?: Yes
  • Stay nearby: Rosemerryn | sleeps 4 + 2 dogs 

The Fire Engine Inn | St Michael's Mount as night falls

The Fire Engine Inn | ££ 

The Fire Engine Inn is a lovely Marazion pub that shares the wonderful views of St Michael’s Mount. Their Sunday roast is the talk of the village, and you can also enjoy coffee, tea and cake during the afternoon and something more filling in the evenings. 

Managed by West Cornwall Inns, you can be sure that the range of ales encompasses the best that the Duchy has to offer.

Good to know

  • Location: The Fire Engine Inn, Higher Fore Street, Marazion, TR17 0BB
  • Menu: Visit the website for a peek 
  • Price range: £30 - £50 (per head)
  • Is the Fire Engine Inn a dog-friendly pub?: Yes – dogs on leads are welcome in the bar area
  • Stay nearby: Castle View | sleeps 12  

International flavours of Marazion

Dynasty Restaurant | Spring rolls

Dynasty Restaurant | ££ 

A mile or two east of Marazion lies the Dynasty Chinese Restaurant. If you fancy some exotic tastes of the Orient, the Dynasty covers all bases. All the staple meals are present so if you love a traditional Chinese takeaway or sit-down meal one evening, this is Marazion’s best and only Chinese restaurant. 

If you hanker for flavours from around the world, Penzance is a great place to branch out from English dishes should the mood take. 

Good to know

  • Location: The Dynasty Chinese Restaurant, Perran Cross Rd, Perranuthnoe, TR20 9LZ
  • Menu: Visit the website for a peek 
  • Price range: £8 – 15 (per head)
  • Stay nearby: 4 Withey Cottages | sleeps 6 + 2 dogs 

Marazion’s favourite fish and chips

The Tudor Chippy | golden battered fish and chips | Marazion beach in the late afternoon

The Tudor Chippy

There’s nothing like a bag of fish and chips at the seafront is there? A life-long national treasure, fish and chips are an essential part of a traditional trip to the seaside. Marazion’s premier chippy is housed in a Tudor building hence its name, The Tudor Chippy

Expect to see lines of people queuing up for their dinner at this popular spot, but the food is worth the wait. 

Good to know

  • Location: Tudor Chippy, W End, Marazion, TR17 0EF
  • Menu: There is no online menu available at the moment
  • Price range: £5 - 12 (per head)
  • Stay nearby: Rosevean | sleeps 6 + 2 dogs 

Map of the best places to eat in Marazion

View our handy map to find out the location of all the places to eat that feature in this guide.

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