Most haunted places in the UK

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Posted by Kate W on 22nd September 2023

Haunted places in the UK

If you ain’t afraid of no ghosts, why not visit the UK’s most haunted places to come face to face with all manner of spooks, spirits and spectres?

There are so many cool and creepy haunted locations to visit across the country where you could be in with a great chance of discovering the supernatural. Whether you’re getting your thrills at Halloween and during October half-term, or you are a keen ghostbuster all year round, we've put together the most haunted places in the UK to inspire your next spook-tacular trip. 

Jump to each section to discover haunted places to give you a fright, or if you're ready to start tracking down ghouls across the country, click the button below and find your ghost-hunting holiday base today. 

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The most haunted places in England

Pendle Hill, Lancashire - once home of the Pendleton witches

Pendle Hill, Lancashire

Home to the Pendle witches before their execution, Pendle Hill is renowned for its links with witchcraft and devil worship. The 12 alleged witches were accused of ten murders in the 17th century and ten women were later hanged. It has been reported that the witches still haunt the surrounding buildings and villages, with visitors noticing an intense feeling of anger when visiting the grounds.

The spine-chilling area was once featured in the popular TV series Most Haunted and was described by presenter Yvette Fielding as the 'scariest place' they had ever filmed an episode. Today, many climb to the top of this hill in Lancashire during Halloween in the hopes of witnessing ghosts and spirits.

Good to know

Can I visit Pendle Hill?: Yes, the walking trail up the hill is open all year. Please keep dogs on leads. 

Address: Barley Ln, Nelson BB9 6LG

Facilities: There is lay-by parking nearby and a snack shop that is appropriately called The Cauldron. 

Stay nearby: The Stables - Fence, Pendle | sleeps 4 + 3 dogs 

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Ancient Ram Inn haunted location in Wotton-Under-Edge and a rams skull in a window in the pub

Ancient Ram Inn, Wotton-Under-Edge, Gloucestershire

This unsuspecting pub in the pretty village of Wotton-Under-Edge is one of the UK's most famous ghostly buildings, and might actually be the most haunted pub in the UK, with its dark history of slavery, a witch hunt, and ritual sacrifice each pervading its walls. 

Even with its sordid history, no one knows what has caused so many ghosts to stick around in this small tavern. It’s widely believed that the redirecting of water on the Ancient Ram property may have caused a portal for dark energy to open up. Another theory is that energy from Stonehenge travels through Ley Lines and feeds the supernatural power of the property. Either way, it’s a real draw for paranormal researchers; previous visitors have included investigative teams from TV’s Most Haunted and America’s Ghost Adventures. 

Good to know

Can I visit Ancient Ram Inn?: Yes, but it's no longer a pub. You can join an event or visit on one of their open days – check their website to book

Address: 8 Potters Pond, Wotton-under-Edge GL12 7HF

Facilities: On-site parking and toilet – for events, you are asked to bring your own food and drink, and there are shops in the village for this.

Stay nearby: Thousand Acres Coach House, Wotton-under-Edge | sleeps 4 + 2 dogs 

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Jamaica Inn restaurant and haunted location in Cornwall

Jamaica Inn, Cornwall

With Cornwall’s rich pirate and smuggling heritage, it is not surprising that the Jamaica Inn in Cornwall is believed to be haunted by a highwayman and a murdered smuggler. The bar is said to be one of the most haunted areas of the inn and previous landlords have heard footsteps believed to be a spirit returning to finish his drink.

For those of you who are intrigued by the existence of the supernatural, book yourself into one of the late-night ghost hunts or even spend a night at the haunted inn, where previous guests have reported a series of strange incidents during their stay. But, if you fancy a pint without encountering a poltergeist, why not check out our guide to food and drink in Cornwall?

Good to know

Can I visit Jamaica Inn?: Yes, you can certainly visit – book in for dinner at this lovely restaurant!

Address: Bolventor, Launceston PL15 7TS

Facilities: The Jamaica Inn is a working pub/restaurant with food, drink, parking and toilets.

Stay nearby: Churchtown Cottage, Bodmin Moor | sleeps 6 + 3 dogs 

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Whitby Abbey and gravestones in North Yorkshire

Whitby Abbey, North Yorkshire 

While spectacular Whitby Abbey draws visitors for its connections to Bram Stoker and his iconic character, Dracula, the writer was inspired by the abbey’s spooky myths and the many hauntings associated with the ruins. One of the most famous spirits said to still haunt the site is the ghost of St Hilda, who founded the abbey during the 7th century. She is rumoured to look out on occasion from one of the highest windows. 

Another ghost with a more sinister story is Constance de Beverley, a nun who broke her vow of chastity. When the Mother Superior found out, Constance was bricked up alive behind a wall in the abbey. Even with the walls now crumbling, her ghost is trapped forever at the abbey. Listen out on your next trip to Whitby and you might still hear her cries for release. 

Good to know

Can I visit Whitby Abbey?: Yes, you certainly can. It's run by English Heritage so you need to buy a ticket to enter (book in advance to get a discount) and be warned, part of the attraction of Whitby Abbey is the immense 199-step staircase that leads to the ruins. If you're feeling fit, be sure to take on the challenging climb! 

Address: Abbey Ln, Whitby YO22 4JT

Facilities: Parking, cafe, gift shop and toilets.

Stay nearby: 4 Henrietta Street, Whitby | sleeps 5 + 1 dog 

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Dunster Castle and its gatehouse in Somerset

Dunster Castle, Somerset

Another great one for ghost hunters – it'll come as no surprise that an ancient castle is home to a host of ghostly happenings. One of the most commonly reported apparitions seen at the castle is the ‘Man in Green’. This phantom dressed in green is spotted walking through the castle gift shop before disappearing again. There have also been reports of a green light that appears in the shop that might be connected to this mysterious ghost too. 

Other strange occurrences that have been reported throughout this castle in Dunster and on its grounds include a disembodied foot that appeared as witnessed by a volunteer, the sight of a man in military uniform appearing to a cleaner (the area was later found to have been a dormitory for Civil War soldiers), and the sounds of shouting and footsteps in parts of the castle known to be empty. 

Good to know

Can I visit Dunster Castle?: Yes you can and it's owned by the National Trust so parking and entry is free for members. 

Address: Dunster, Minehead TA24 6NY

Facilities: Parking, shop, cafe and toilets. 

Stay nearby: Fairview - Dunster, Dunster | sleeps 8 + 2 dogs 

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Black and white photo of Blickling Hall and grounds in Norfolk

Blickling Hall, Norfolk

Norfolk’s spectacular Blickling Hall is rumoured to be the home of one of the country’s most famous ghosts: Anne Boleyn. This haunted castle is said to have been constructed on the site of an older manor, where Anne Boleyn was born. After she was executed in 1536, the former Queen of England reputedly returned to her birthplace and appears every year on 19th May, the anniversary of her beheading.

At nightfall on this day, a creepy headless horseman drives a coach up to the house, with Anne Boleyn’s ghost riding as a passenger, her own head in her lap. You can see it for yourself with a visit to this fantastic National Trust location in Norfolk.

Good to know

Can I visit Blickling Hall?: Yes you can and, like Dunster Castle, it's owned by the National Trust so parking and entry is free for members. 

Address: Blickling, Norwich NR11 6NF

Facilities: Parking, shop, cafe and toilets. 

Stay nearby: Half Moon Inn, Aylsham | sleeps 6 

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Chillingham Castle exterior and Chillingham Castle dining room, Northumberland

Chillingham Castle, Northumberland

Said to be Britain’s most haunted historic castle, Chillingham Castle is one of the top spooky places to visit in the UK. This 13th-century fortress in Northumberland is home to many ghosts and ghouls who aren’t shy about making themselves known to visitors.

Castle guests have reported hearing whispering, feeling hands on their bodies, and spotting orbs on a visit to this ghostly location. You can be in with a chance of meeting spectres such as the White Pantry Ghost, the ghost in the chamber and voices in the chapel on a guided tour of this great Northumberland castle at nightfall – if you dare!

Good to know

Can I visit Chillingham Castle?: Yes you can and they even run ghost tours, so you can search for the spirits that haunt the castle during your trip. 

Address: Chillingham, Alnwick NE66 5NJ

Facilities: Parking, tea room and toilets. 

Stay nearby: The Toddles, Wooler | sleeps 4 + 3 dogs 

Northumberland cottages

Manningtree Seafield Bay mud flats in Essex

Manningtree, Essex 

Discover the stories of the Essex Witch Trials and the sinister Witchfinder General, Matthew Hopkins, who accused nearly 300 women of being witches back in the 17th century. The Witchfinder is often sighted still wandering the streets of Manningtree, looking for his next victim; apparently, he is most clearly spotted on nights when the moon is full. 

You can find out about all the women he accused of witchcraft during your trip – you might even run into their spirits – keep an eye out as you explore Manningtree. Be sure to look out for the ethereal outline of the Witchfinder’s very first victim, the elderly and crippled Elizabeth Clarke, who appears as an apparition on the shores of Seafield Bay.

Good to know

Can I visit Manningtree?: Yes, you can certainly visit and explore this pretty town. 

Address: Manningtree CO11 1HQ

Facilities: There are car parks, pubs, cafes, and shops throughout Manningtree so you'll be well catered for. 

Stay nearby: Alde Lodge, East Bergholt | sleeps 4 + 2 dogs 

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Chester City Walls and Roman soldier

Chester City Walls, Cheshire 

The soul of a Roman legionnaire haunts the city walls that encircle Chester. He fell in love with a local Celtic girl and often left his post to sneak off and see her. One night, the girl’s family found out and decided to take advantage of his neglected post. They killed the sentries on guard that night and grabbed as much loot as they could carry. When he returned, they killed the lovestruck legionnaire. 

The spectre of the old Roman soldier is often spotted between the amphitheatre and Newgate – he is never seen far from his post. To this day, he still keeps watch over the city walls and does the job he neglected during his life. 

Good to know

Can I visit Chester's City Walls?: Yes, you can and the walking route following the city walls is about 2 miles long. 

Address: Little St John St, Chester CH1 1RE

Facilities: This city has everything you could ask for! Car parks, places to eat, shops and even a cathedral you can visit while you're here. 

Stay nearby: Windlestone, Chester | sleeps 6 + 1 dog 

Cheshire cottages

Berry Pomeroy Castle in ruins, Devon haunted location

Berry Pomeroy Castle, Devon

Said to be one of the most haunted castles in the UK, Berry Pomeroy in Devon has a number of ghostly residents. The first is that of the Blue Lady, who is said to wander the dungeons; legend has it that she lures people into the castle, making them disorientated before leaving them lost inside.

Another dweller of the castle is the White Lady, who was starved to death in the dungeons of St Margaret’s by her jealous sister and has been seen waving to visitors of the castle, who report a feeling of fear and depression at the sighting.

Good to know

Can I visit Berry Pomeroy Castle?: Yes, you can and it's managed by English Heritage so you'll have to pay to enter – book ahead to get a discounted ticket. 

Address: Berry Pomeroy, Totnes TQ9 6LJ

Facilities: Parking, cafe, shop and toilets.

Stay nearby: Salcombe Lodge, Totnes 

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The most haunted places in Scotland

Spooky image of Mary King's Close

Mary King’s Close, Edinburgh

As one of the most haunted places in Scotland, the ancient undercover streets of Mary King's Close have a unique story to tell. The most famous tale is that of a little girl, who is said to have told a Japanese medium that she had lost her life to the plague and was in search of a doll that she had misplaced. Visitors now leave gifts for the crying child in spots where her presence is felt.

The attraction is open throughout the year but also offers a number of packages inviting you to delve deeper into Edinburgh’s dark history. Aside from ghost hunting, there are so many other great things to do in Edinburgh; it’s no surprise it’s one of the top places to stay in Scotland.

Good to know

Can I visit Mary King’s Close?: Yes – book a tour on their website

Address: 2 Warriston's Cl, Edinburgh EH1 1PG

Facilities: Parking, shop and toilets.

Stay nearby: The Albany, Edinburgh | sleeps 5

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Stirling Castle, Stirling and Falkirk, and man dressed in Highland clothing with bagpipes

Stirling Castle, Stirling and Falkirk

One of the most beautiful castles in Scotland, Stirling Castle is also one of the country’s most haunted locations. Throughout its colourful history – which has included 16 sieges, and many battles and murders – it has become the permanent residence of at least three spooky spectres.

Beware of the Green Lady – a green, spectral form – as she often precedes minor disasters such as fires. You may spot the Pink Lady walking to the nearby church, and she also roams the castle in search of her husband who was killed in the siege of 1304. And, most appropriately, there is also a man dressed in traditional Highland dress – you might see him walking through a wall.

Good to know

Can I visit Stirling Castle?: Yes you can – it's paid entry – and you can even book a guided tour of the castle. 

Address: Castle Wynd, Stirling FK8 1EJ

Facilities: Parking, cafe, shop and toilets.

Stay nearby: Crosshill Barn, Kincardine on Forth | sleeps 4 + 1 dog 

Stirling cottages

The snowy mountains of Glencoe, Argyll, under a cloudy sky

Glencoe, Argyll

You may recognise the spectacular and atmospheric landscape of Glencoe from the film Skyfall, but before its turn on the silver screen, this peaceful location had a far bloodier history. The Glencoe massacre of 1692 saw Clan Macdonald attacked by soldiers, resulting in 38 initial deaths and many more later on as members of the clan fled and then perished in the frozen mountains.

With so many gruesome deaths at this site, it’s no wonder Glencoe is one of Scotland’s most haunted sites. Visitors have reported all manner of creepy scenes and have even heard screams, so it’s a good, if tragic, place to seek out if you’re hunting for paranormal activity.

Good to know

Can I visit Glencoe?: Yes, you can and it's free – although you will have to pay for parking unless you are a National Trust for Scotland/National Trust member. 

Address: Glencoe National Nature Reserve, near Glencoe village, Lochaber PH49 4HX

Facilities: Visitor centre with toilets, cafe and parking. 

Stay nearby: Glencoe Retreat, Glencoe | sleeps 6 + 2 dogs 

Argyll cottages

Black and white photo of Dunrobin Castle, Sutherland

Dunrobin Castle, Sutherland

Another of Scotland’s most haunted castles, Dunrobin Castle is said to be home to Margaret, the ghost of the daughter of the 14th Earl of Sutherland. In the 17th century, Margaret’s father reputedly locked her in the castle’s attic to deter her from marrying someone he didn’t deem suitable.

Margaret planned to meet her lover on the castle grounds and tried to escape by climbing out of the window, but instead lost her footing and plunged to her death. She has haunted the castle ever since, calling out for her beloved.

Good to know

Can I visit Dunrobin Castle?: Yes – the castle is open annually between 1 April to 31 October.

Address: Golspie KW10 6SF

Facilities: Parking, shop, tea room and toilets.

Stay nearby: Sunny Cottage, Brora | sleeps 6 

Sutherland cottages

Black and white photo of a dog in a forest

Overtoun Bridge, West Dunbartonshire

One of the UK’s strangest creepy places, Overtoun Bridge is haunted by ghosts of a different kind. Instead of humans, it’s dogs that have met their end at this spooky spot, where the possessed pups suddenly jump to their deaths from one particular spot on the bridge and into the chilly burn below.

One rational explanation for this strange behaviour is that there are strong-smelling mink trails on one side of the bridge. However, the more supernaturally minded say that the dogs are highly attuned to the spirits here and get spooked, leading them to jump into the river. Alternatively, in Celtic mythology, this bridge is believed to be a place where the boundary between the realms of the living and the dead is thinner. You will have to visit to make your own mind up – but maybe leave your dog at home, just in case!

Good to know

Can I visit Overtoun Bridge?: Yes, you can and the estate grounds are managed by Forest and Land Scotland so it's free to all – just make sure you leave your dog behind! 

Address: Dumbarton G82 2SH

Facilities: Parking but otherwise no facilities, so come prepared. 

Stay nearby: 1 Lomond Courtyard, Loch Lomond | sleeps 6 + 4 dogs

Dunbartonshire cottages

Woman in White ghost and Glasgow Necropolis

Glasgow Necropolis 

The Glasgow Necropolis, also known as ‘The City of the Dead’, is a remarkable place to visit with its lines and lines of tombstones overlooking the city below – there are many ghostly tales associated with this spooky place. 

The most common phenomenon that visitors experience is the Woman in White who roams the grounds of this Victorian cemetery in the wee hours of the morning. People have also heard whispering with no obvious source as they’ve wandered the cemetery alone. Another legend that has been repeated over the years is that of the Gorbals Vampire, said to be 7ft tall with a set of iron teeth. 

In September 1954, rumours began to circulate that two boys had been murdered by the Gorbals Vampire. Amazingly, one night after school, hundreds of children armed with stakes and crosses descended on the graveyard to hunt down the vampire. They never found him, but it was a remarkable event that will keep the local legend of this mysterious vampire alive in Glasgow’s memory for a long time to come.

Good to know

Can I visit Glasgow Necropolis?: Yes, you can visit but the gates are closed before nightfall so unfortunately, although it would be cool to explore at night, you'll have to stick to daylight hours for your ghost and vampire hunting. Please be respectful of others while visiting the graveyard. 

Address: Castle St, Glasgow G4 0QZ

Facilities: There's parking and public toilets near Glasgow Cathedral, and there are plenty of places to eat and shop throughout the city. 

Stay nearby: Park Lane Glasgow Harbour, Glasgow | sleeps 4 + 2 dogs 

Glasgow cottages

The most haunted places in Wales

Llancaiach Fawr after dark

Llancaiach Fawr, Caerphilly

Named as one of the top ten most haunted places in the UK, this grand Tudor mansion in Wales is both a living piece of history and a hub for supernatural activity – ghost hunters will adore exploring this spooky site. Naughty children are said to play on the stairs, with one young boy in particular reportedly tugging at visitors’ sleeves and hair to make his presence known.

Llancaiach Fawr offers a variety of ghost tours, with some catering for families and others including a two-course meal for adult groups. Also, for paranormal groups, the manor is available to those wanting to conduct investigations of their own.

Good to know

Can I visit Llancaiach Fawr?: Yes, book in for a tour at this haunted location.

Address: Llancaiach Fawr Manor, Gelligaer Road, Nelson, Treharris CF46 6ER

Facilities: Parking, toilets, and dining options include a lunch menu, a Sunday lunch menu and an afternoon tea menu. 

Stay nearby: Milly, Newport | sleeps 2 + 1 dog

Caerphilly cottages

Craig y Nos Castle, Powys, a beautiful castle on a hill

Craig y Nos Castle, Powys

Reputedly the most haunted castle in Wales, Craig y Nos Castle was once home to famous opera singer Adelina Patti and then became a hospital for people suffering from tuberculosis. The ghosts of both Adelina and the stricken TB patients are said to haunt this imposing castle in the Swansea Valley.

You can feel the ghostly presence of these spectres for yourself on a ghost tour or even a ghost hen party, while those who want to avoid any spooky goings-on can instead take a more sedate walk around Craig y Nos, one of our favourite Brecon Beacons walks.

Good to know

Can I visit Craig y Nos Castle?: Yes, they run a range of events at the castle and you can book a ghost tour. 

Address: Brecon Rd, Craig-y-nos, Swansea SA9 1GL

Facilities: There's a restaurant at the castle, book ahead to be sure of getting a table, and there's parking and toilets available too. 

Stay nearby: Nant-y-gwared Farm Bungalow, Penycae | sleeps 4 

Powys cottages

Skirrid Inn, Monmouthshire

With over 900 years of history, it would be more surprising if the Skirrid Inn hadn’t picked up a ghost or two along the way. As it happens, it’s one of Wales’ best ghost-hunting places, attracting spectre seekers from the world over to experience some spooky situations.

Guests have reported seeing ghostly figures of a coachman, a man in a long dress and an 18th-century barmaid, as well as hearing whispering, feeling cold spots in the room and even seeing pint glasses flying off the bar. Experience these ghostly happenings for yourself with a visit to the Brecon Beacons.

Good to know

Can I visit Skirrid Inn?: Yes, you can book in to join a ghost hunt at this haunted location. 

Address: Llanvihangel Crucorney, Abergavenny NP7 8DH

Facilities: Parking, toilets, and tea and coffee included in ghost hunt events. 

Stay nearby: Jeana's Cottage, Crickhowell | sleeps 6 + 1 dog

Monmouthshire cottages

A gaol with light filtering through the window

Ruthin Gaol, Denbighshire

Built in 1654, and once holding up to 100 prisoners in terrible conditions, Ruthin Gaol is a must-visit if you’re looking for scary attractions in Wales that will send shivers up your spine. The gaol was abandoned for 10 years until 1926 when it was acquired by the council, with many reports of ghostly things occurring ever since.

You can take a ghost tour around the old gaol, where you’ll take part in spirit call-outs and use Ouija boards to commune with the dead. While you’re there, you might hear slamming doors, disembodied footsteps and the screams of long-gone inmates. This one is not for the faint-hearted!

Good to know

Can I visit Ruthin Gaol?: Yes, it's a museum run by the council so you're welcome to visit and find out all about the old gaol and the ghosts who inhabit it. 

Address: Clwyd St, Ruthin LL15 1HP

Facilities: On-site parking and toilets, shops and places to eat in the surrounding town. 

Stay nearby: Bryn Celyn Cottage, Ruthin | sleeps 6 + 1 dog 

Denbighshire cottages

Black and white photo of Tenby Beach and houses behind in Pembrokeshire

Tenby, Pembrokeshire

Tenby’s colourful terraces and golden sandy beaches might not conjure up visions of spooks and spirits, but this popular Pembrokeshire destination is one of Wales’ most haunted towns.

Take a guided tour around its famous streets to learn more about the myths and legends of this seaside town, including haunted pubs, pirate spirits and gruesome murders. Unlike other haunted spots, this tour is very family friendly so it’s a great way for everyone to experience some thrills and spills when on holiday in Tenby.

Good to know

Can I visit Tenby?: Of course you can! This seaside town and resort is a wonderful place to go for a day out.

Address: Tenby SA70 7LT

Facilities: There are car parks and public toilets, and this charming town is filled with independent shops and places to eat out. 

Stay nearby: Arcadia House 1b, Tenby | sleeps 6 

Pembrokeshire cottages

Map of the most haunted places in the UK

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A ghost-hunting holiday

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You could even book an old cottage or farmhouse retreat to see who might still be haunting one of our older properties! 

Take a look at our full collection of cottages below and find your perfect base for your next ghost-hunting holiday.

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