New Year's Eve Party Ideas

New Year

Posted by Sarah on 22nd October 2018


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New year's eve party ideas

Organise your own celebrations this year with these great New Year’s Eve party ideas. You don’t have to head out for a night on the town though, invite your friends over or spend a night in with the family.

Movie night

This is a great idea for spending a chilled New Year with your family. Fill the living room with duvets, blankets, pillows and bean bags and settle down for the evening. Choose a good selection of films to suit the whole group and, accompanied by some tasty snacks, start making your way through them. For the first part of the evening, while the adults chat in the kitchen and enjoy a couple of drinks and nibbles, set some children’s films up for the little ones. In some of our cottages, you’ll find multiple televisions so you could even have kid’s films running all evening! Make sure you turn over to watch Big Ben chime at midnight, bringing in the New Year with your family.

Cheese and wine night

New year's eve party ideas
Cheese and wine is a delicious treat for a party

Who doesn’t love a delicious cheese board accompanied by a fine wine? Especially at Christmas time. Get your guests to each bring a different type of cheese and a bottle of their favourite wine, accompanied with a box of crackers, a few varieties of chutney and a couple of bunches of grapes and your New Year will be a feast. If cheese isn’t your thing, you could theme a foodie night with anything from Indian or Chinese delicacies to sweet things like chocolate and strawberries!

Murder mystery

If you’re bored of doing the same old thing on New Year’s Eve, then this is definitely a good idea for mixing it up a little bit. Firstly, you need to buy a murder mystery kit, or arrange to have a custom one made to suit the size of your group. The kit will include a story about a pretend murder that will happen that evening with background information, costume instructions and a pack of clues for each character to see if they can work out who the murderer is! Kits may also include invites, party tips and prizes for the person who guesses first. Throughout the evening additional clues about their own characters will be revealed – it depends on the kit you purchase to whether the host knows who the murderer is or not. Nowhere to host? Why don't you get your friends and family together and all chip in on hiring a large cottage for a few days?

Games night

New year's eve party ideas
Get everyone together for some party games

Feeling competitive? Crack out some old favourites like Monopoly, Scategories or Pictionary which the kids can get involved with too - get some small prizes in for the winners. Step it up a level and challenge your friends and family to a game of pool or table tennis – a lot of our large cottages have games rooms which are really handy for celebrating the New Year. Some of them have board games too!

Search for our cottages with games rooms.

Quiz night

Planning a quiz can be great fun, and you might learn a few things you didn’t know before. Make sure there is a large group of you so that you can break off into teams, and plan a children’s round so that you can all get involved. To mix it up, make each round different. Here are a few ideas for themes:

  • Pictures e.g. guess the celebrity
  • Anagrams e.g. Christmas songs, celebrity names
  • A play on words
  • Potluck – completely random
  • Categories – e.g. Music, sport, history, literature
  • Guess the song and who sang it
  • Guess the year of a major event

To maintain the New Year theme, you could do a round based solely on the highlights of the past year.

Glow in the dark party for kids

Ensure the kids have a great time this new year's eve

This is one that the children will absolutely love. Staying up late when it’s really dark is a novelty for kids so make it extra special with lots of luminous décor. Purchase a selection of glow in the dark props such as light up balloons, glow sticks, flashing glasses, fibre optic lights and you can even get light up ice cubes for drinks! Don’t stop there though, drape a load of LED fairy lights around the house so everyone can see where they are going. A little trick to make your balloons glow without having to buy special light up ones: put a glow stick inside the balloon and then blow it up!

Fancy dress

If you can’t take on another identity at New Year, when can you? Make sure no one tells anyone who they’re supposed to be and turn it into a mini competition – you could even sort a prize for a winner. Another idea would be to choose one theme and award prizes for those who have made the most effort with their outfit. Make sure you take lots of photos to look back on!

A few fancy dress theme ideas:

  • Choose an era e.g. 1920’s, 1970’s
  • Celebrities of the present day
  • Film characters
  • TV personalities
  • Heroes and Villains
  • Choose a colour theme

James Bond theme

Sticking with the fancy dress idea, you could theme your whole party around one subject. We’ve gone with James Bond because we’re massive fans! Get all the men to dress in black tie and the women in lovely dresses, set up a martini bar and a mini casino for guest to enjoy. Other little touches include black and white balloons and black tablecloths. If Bond isn’t your thing, you could go for something like Star Wars or Harry Potter!

A few small ideas

New Year's eve party ideas
Happy New Year!

Extra tips and ideas for a fun New Year's Eve:

  • Get everyone to write their predictions for the next year on a piece of paper.
  • Get your guest to bring a small dish and enjoy a midnight feast to bring in the New Year.
  • Decorate with lots of tea lights, curling ribbon and paper snowflakes to keep costs to a minimum.
  • Organise a big bowl of party poppers, noisemakers and confetti for midnight!
  • Make sure you’ve got some champagne ready for a midnight toast.
  • Create a special mocktail for kids to celebrate with.
  • If you've got really little ones, have a mock midnight at a suitable time so that they can celebrate too.

New Year is for spending time with your friends and family so whether you’re planning a murder mystery evening or fancy a chilled movie night, our cottages for New Year could be just the solution for getting everyone together.

We hope you have a good one!