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Posted by Kate A on 22nd October 2020

Crammel Linn WaterfallCrammel Linn Waterfall

There is something magical about a waterfall, watching a mesmerising sheet of icy water cascade over the edge of a rocky cliff face into a mysterious pool below. After a downpour, they are even more dramatic, and sometimes the roar of the torrent can be heard all around. But did you know that there is a great selection of waterfalls in Northumberland?

If you asked most people where to find the best waterfalls in Great Britain, the North East probably wouldn’t be their first answer. However, while they may not be the tallest in the country, Northumberland’s waterfalls are certainly some of the most beautiful, and they are just waiting to be explored on your next exciting staycation.

So, pack your walking boots and a picnic and discover Northumberland on a wonderful walk exploring some of our favourite waterfalls. And if you’re searching for a cosy Northumberland cottage to relax in afterwards, just click the button below.

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Roughting Linn Waterfall

Roughting Linn – the hidden one

Whilst only requiring a short ramble to reach this hidden gem, the route is un-signposted in the secluded Ingram Valley, so it might take a few attempts to find! Roughting Linn on the Broomridgedean Burn is one of the most magical waterfalls in Northumberland, tumbling into an atmospheric rocky amphitheatre. Time your visit right and you might catch the afternoon sunshine illuminating rainbows against the cliffs just behind the falls.

As well as admiring the waterfall, adventurers can also marvel at the prehistoric rock art nearby. A large outcropping of sedimentary rock is adorned with a profusion of impressive cup and ring marks. This could well have been an ancient burial ground and is definitely worth an explore during your walk.

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Linhope Spout Waterfall

Linhope Spout – the wild swimming one

You’ll know when you’ve reached Linhope Spout when you hear the mighty plume of water crashing down a rock face into the plunge pool below. One of the most popular waterfalls in Northumberland, this 18-metre chute, which is a tributary of the River Breamish, is fairly easy to get to. There is also a level grassy glade near the falls that is perfect for a family picnic or spot of sunbathing.

Local legend says that the pool is bottomless, but in fact, it is about 5 metres deep, which makes it a superb destination for wild swimming in Northumberland. You might find yourself sharing this serene spot with the local red squirrel, especially during spring and autumn when they are foraging for fallen pinecones.

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Crammel Linn Waterfall

Crammel Linn – the big one!

One of the largest waterfalls in the North East and quite possibly the widest, Crammel Linn lies on the River Irthing, which acts as the border between Northumberland and Cumbria. Flowing through a deep gorge, the river is flanked by sandstone crags and it’s at the upper section that you’ll find the spectacular 7.6-metre cascade.

Visit on a warm, sunny day and you’ll see the falls vertically split in two, with lots of great spots to lay out a picnic blanket or enjoy a paddle in the shallow waters. After heavy rainfall, the cascades become one monstrous force, a sight to behold. Look out for peregrine falcons and ravens who nest near this Northumberland waterfall, as well as interesting derelict military structures, and even an abandoned fighter jet!

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Hindhope Linn Waterfall

Hindhope Linn – the family-friendly one

Hindhope Linn is tucked away within a peaceful and enchanting dell on the edge of Kielder Forest. This slender waterfall spills over a mossy lip into a small amphitheatre amidst fragrant Scots pine and larch. Accessed via a 1.25-mile waymarked walking trail, this pretty Northumberland waterfall is a great one for young families, with the walk taking in lush woodland and a few other smaller waterfalls along the way.

Reward yourselves with a tasty picnic after your forest adventure or, if you’ve still got the energy to burn, venture over to the Pennine Way long-distance footpath, accessible from Blakehopeburnhaugh car park where the walk begins. 

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Hareshaw Linn Waterfall

Hareshaw Linn – the nature lover’s one

Once the site of a busy ironworks, although now very hard to imagine, the ancient woodland that surrounds Hareshaw Linn is bursting with rare plants and wildlife. As you begin the 3-mile trail to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Northumberland (1.5 miles there and back), you’ll discover reminders of the woodland’s fascinating history, walking over mounds left from the spoil ovens and passing an entrance to an old mine shaft.

This area is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and has been given this designation because of the rare plants which can be found. Over 300 types of moss, liverworts, and lichens thrive beneath the boughs of elm, ash, oak and hazel trees in the damp conditions that the Linn provides. And amid the plants, you might be lucky enough to observe spotted woodpeckers, red squirrels and wood warblers. After crossing no less than six charming little bridges, you’ll finally be rewarded with the breathtaking sight of the 9-metre-high waterfall.

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A map of the top Northumberland waterfalls

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