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Posted by Shannon on 31st July 2020


At holidaycottages.co.uk, we’re thrilled to be sponsoring Nurdle, which in 2020 launched ‘The Big Machine’ to help reduce coastal microplastics. This collaboration will support our own sustainability initiatives within the business, as well as see many of our teams, customers and owners engaging with Nurdle’s educational messages and events throughout the year.

We want to protect the UK for future generations and endeavour to make our business practices as green as possible. Nurdle’s story began in the South West, just like ours did, and its sustainability goals are inspiring people across the globe to change their attitudes and behaviours, including us! Find out more about our commitments to the environment below.

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Introducing Nurdle

Josh Beech, Founder of Nurdle, describes the business’s primary focus: “Nurdle is a not-for-profit operating mainly in the beautiful South West of the UK. We specialise in building tools to remove accumulated microplastic pollution (plastics under 5mm) on our shores and upcycling the collected ocean plastic into products to further fund removal.”

Its most widely used tool is called a trommel and allows beachgoers to sift through the sand with the rotating barrel to remove nurdles from the shore, leaving behind as much of the natural materials as possible. These tools can currently be found on beaches across the South West, as well as on the west coast of America and in South Africa!

To date, Nurdle has built 37 sand-sifting trommels and one ‘Big Machine’, cleaning more than 22 million plastic pieces. It’s currently working on ways that the harvested plastic can be turned into useful products that will be sold, raising vital funds for future projects.

Josh continues: “holidaycottages.co.uk’s sponsorship in our fight for the oceans has allowed us to build a revolutionary machine to tackle this problem on a much larger scale than ever before seen in the world! It is testament to their sustainable outlook and ‘giving back’ to the communities and coastlines that we visit for their natural beauty.” 

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What is our commitment to Nurdle?

The sponsorship is just the beginning of our relationship. We’ll be engaging with Nurdle throughout the year, taking part in a number of its events and sharing its message with our customers and owners in the coming months. By encouraging and educating people who engage with our business, we can help to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in our seas. Nurdle will be helping us to bring to life our own initiatives, just as we’ll be a great support for its projects in return.

Get involved

How can you get involved?

There are so many ways that you can get involved with the Nurdle's fantastic work and here are just a few of them:

  • Head to the Nurdle website to learn more about microplastics, trommels and upcoming projects
  • Keep an eye out on social – @nurdlecoasts on Instagram and @nurdlecoasts on Facebook –  to see if you can take part in an upcoming event, and to track the Nurdle journey
  • Educate yourself on how to reduce your plastic consumption, and how to avoid plastics reaching the sea in the first place – why not take the Plastic Challenge?

Find out more about our environmental commitments.

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