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Posted by Ruth on 30th June 2020

Plastic free challenge

This July, we supported the Marine Conservation Society’s Plastic Challenge, and set ourselves the task of reducing our plastic waste. 

For six years, the Marine Conservation Society has challenged people to go plastic free for the whole month of July in order to make us rethink the amount of plastic we use on a daily basis and to encourage us to make small steps towards protecting the ocean environment.

The charity has found that there are around 143 plastic pieces on every 100 metres of coastline across the UK, so we did our bit to prevent harmful waste from reaching our shores in the first place and challenged ourselves to go plastic free for 31 days.  

But while the Plastic Challenge runs for the month of July, there's no reason why we can't all try to reduce our plastic waste all year round! 

Marine Conservation Society

And for more suggestions about how you can help look after the local environment while on holiday, take a look at our Responsible Holiday Charter. You can also find out more about the other ways in which, as a business, we are committed to protecting the environment in which we all love to live, work and holiday, by taking a look at our Holidays with more heart guide.

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How can you get involved all year round?

At, we’re encouraged our staff at offices across the UK to get involved with the Plastic Challenge. To help them with this task, we provided everyone with lots of educational resources, and we’ve also got plenty of suggestions to kick-start your plastic-free journey too. 

Whether you’re looking for an eye-opening documentary to watch, an inspiring interview with plastic-free activists to read, or a motivating activity to try, here are our ideas for reducing your plastic waste. 

Something for you to do

Plastic free bingo

We are working together with the Marine Conservation Society to challenge everyone to make small, everyday changes that will add up to one big difference when it comes to protecting our marine landscapes from plastic pollution.

Take part in our fun plastic-free bingo challenge to see how many little steps you can take to reduce your plastic waste. From easy swaps like using reusable products instead of disposable ones, to hands-on challenges like making your own cleaning products, our bingo game has lots of little plastic-free wins for you to try. Why not set yourself a timeframe, or see how many you can tick off on your next cottage holiday? 

Something for you to watch

Something to watch

War on Plastic with Hugh and Anita (BBC)

Residents of one street in Bristol take part in a challenge to see if they can reduce their plastic waste.

A Plastic Ocean (Netflix)

A documentary shot in more than 20 locations which highlights the scale of plastic debris in our oceans.

A Plastic Tide (YouTube)

A short documentary, part of Sky News’ Ocean Rescue campaign, which shows how no beach or shoreline is unaffected by plastic pollution.

Blue Planet II (BBC)

David Attenborough voices this series about the underwater world which, for many, was the catalyst for their plastic-free lifestyle.

Something for you to read

Something to read

Zero-waste warriors: meet the people whose household rubbish fits in a jam jar (The Guardian)

Get inspired by these people who have completely committed to a plastic-free life.

100 steps to a plastic-free life (My Plastic-free Life)

Find out just how easy it is to reduce your plastic waste by making a few small changes to your everyday routine.

Living without plastic: a plastic-free home (Friends of the Earth)

Get some easy ideas for reducing plastic waste in every area of your home.

Going plastic-free: “I went plastic-free for a month and saved £200” (Stylist)

Going plastic-free doesn’t have to be expensive – find out how you can save the planet and some money too.

Something for you to listen to

Plastica Galactica

Plastica Galactica - photo credit: Instagram @pulpandpith

Plastica Galactica: Get Involved (Unshut Festival)

This live-art performance takes you on an audio street clean while also exploring the effects of plastic pollution on marine life.

Zero Waste Life Hacks

Find easy solutions to big plastic problems with this podcast which tackles one daily item per episode.

Zero Waste Countdown

This podcast inspires you to reduce your plastic waste in every area of your life before we reach 2050, when the ocean will contain more plastic than fish.

Practical(ly) Zero Waste

Plastic-free living doesn’t have to be hard; find easy, practical changes with this helpful podcast.

Best plastic-free organisations and businesses to support

You can also take part in the Plastic Challenge this July by supporting these fantastic plastic-free organisations and charities.

Plastic-free charities

Marine Conservation Society

As well as reducing your plastic waste, you can support this charity by volunteering your time, taking part in its other campaigns and challenges, raising funds or buying something from its shop.

Surfers Against Sewage

This environmental charity gives the ocean a voice; you can support it by signing petitions, joining in a beach clean, volunteering, fundraising or visiting its online on high-street shops.

2-minute Beach Clean

Cleaning up the planet two minutes at a time, this charity is also committed to reducing plastic waste. You can join in with its #2minute campaigns wherever you are in the UK, by donating money or by buying something from its online shop.

Take part in the Plastic Challenge

Plastic free July

We really hope you’ve been inspired to take steps to reducing your plastic waste, to help continue the momentum of the plastic challenge in July. 

For more ways you can help the planet - whether you're on holiday or at home - click the button below. 

Holidays with more heart

Holidays with more heart

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