Download and print our new Roadside Bingo

Family, February Half Term

It doesn't take long for boredom to hit when you're strapped into the car, especially for those little ones, but what if you can set them a challenge and give them something to search for from their car seat?

Our new downloadable game, Roadside Bingo, gives you and the kids something to focus on, with two pages of common road signs to spot and cross off. If there are several of you playing, it'll be a race against time to be the first with a completed line or the first to cross off the whole bingo board. Don't forget to shout "BINGO" when you cross off a line. With a distraction like that, it's amazing how quickly time will pass.

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For even more ways to keep the kids entertained, both at home and on the road, click the button below to see even more of our free children's games and printables.

Posted by Sarah on 20th March 2016