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Romantic breaks

Romantic Breaks in Wales

Wales, we think, is arguably one of the UK's most romantic detonations. What other country has its very own Patron Saint specifically dedicated to Lovers? Saint Dwynwen's legacy can still be seen in place names  such as ' Llanddwyn'. Her saints day isn't for a little while, in fact it's not until the 25th of January, but that doesn't mean you and your loved one have to wait to celebrate. We have a lovely collection of cottages perfect for romantic breaks in Wales.

If you need a little more persuasion, we've put together our top three reasons why we think you should head to Wales for a romantic break:

1. The Beaches:

Wales is home to some truly world class beaches; think soft white sands, bright turquoise waters and long stretches of coastline to make your heart ache. We think there's nothing more romantic than the simple joy of watching the sun set while holding the hand of the one you love; and we recommend doing it here. Pictured is the view across to St Cywfan's Chrurch from the Isle of Anglesey, North Wales.

2.  The Sights

For breathtaking views sparkling and shining with pure natural beauty, head to Wales. From the high mountains, the sweeping valleys, to the pretty hidden gems of the rolling countryside, there's so much to see that's sure to inspire you for romantic breaks in Wales. Pictured is a gorgeous waterfall on the Mellte River in the Breacon Bracons.

3. The Myths and Legends

We've already mention St Dwynwen Patron Saint of lovers, but Wales' history is steeped in traditions of love and romance. Pictured is a Love Spoon, these hand crafted decorative wooden spoons are painstakingly crafted by one lover to another and have been for hundreds of years. Apparently, the more intricately the love spoon is designed, the deeper the creator's love is for the person destined to have the spoon.

Posted by Lizzie on 25th June 2013