The most stunning spots for autumn walks in the UK

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Posted by Courtney on 16th September 2021

A lone man walks on a pier in Aberfeldy in autumnAberfeldy, Scotland. Photo courtesy of @Kayley6688

Walks, hot chocolates, falling leaves, and more walks – these things are synonymous with autumn.

Heralded as our most colourful season, autumn hardly needs to prove itself, yet every year we are rewarded with the fiery oranges, majestic yellows and moody reds that Mother Nature provides for us.

Your go-to autumn walk may be on the coast or in a national park  – whatever your dream setting, we’ve chosen a selection from over 1,000 inspirational images our followers sent in via our Autumn Watch campaign in partnership with the RSPB.

Get ready to pull on those walking boots!

A moody sky on the fells of the Lake District

The Langdales

Lake District National Park, Cumbria

The UK's national parks are always a favourite location for an autumnal walk, if the myriad images of these sanctuaries that were sent in are anything to go by. And when you see a moody sky such as this one almost smothering the Lakeland fells, as the sun’s rays pierce pockets of resistance, it’s hard not to agree.

Plumes of rusty red bracken cower in the shadows as the light dances off the dry-stone walls and the verdant flora, which has not yet surrendered to autumn’s colour wheel.

Image by Russ Cribb

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Durham Cathedral and River Wear

Durham Cathedral and River Wear

Durham, County Durham

Late autumn sun bakes the Caen stone of Durham Cathedral, whilst a kaleidoscope of colourfully leaved trees provides a buffer between it and the River Wear. The creamy-yellow Jurassic limestone of this place of worship delivers the perfect accompaniment to the darker shades you’ll find on this walk.

This photo speaks not only of the importance of this holy place to the local denizens, but also of our reverence for autumn and its vivid tapestry of crimson and tangerine hues.

Image by Dennis Thompson

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Two pictures of individual children playing in the autumn leaves

Christchurch Park and Holdenby House

Ipswich, Suffolk and Northampton, Northamptonshire

There aren’t many seasons that can hold a candle to autumn when it comes to spending time with the kids. Exciting windswept days in the woods crunching crisp, golden-brown leaves underfoot are what it’s all about. On the left, in Ipswich, a little one runs through her own dew-covered arena, playfully kicking up autumn foliage as she goes.

On the right, a woodland cherub tries their hand at autumn camouflage up against a majestic broadleaf trunk. The attire for this walk in Northamptonshire is perfect with a mixture of pumpkin orange, cinnamon brown and pale green making it hard to spot the concealed cub in the first place.

Images by Ginny Long and @Treasure_E_M

A father and daughter walk amongst pumpkins

Pumpkin Patch

Farrington's Farm, Bristol

Not much screams autumn like a Halloween celebration, but before the partying and trick or treating comes the preparation which often includes a trip to a pumpkin patch. Louise, who sent in this wonderful picture, visits this patch every year. She used to go with her parents and now continues the tradition by taking her own children.

Father and daughter wander the strip of squashes deciding which vibrant sphere to turn into a ghastly gourd.

Image by @louisewelsh160

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The reds, yellows, oranges and greens of an arboretum

Westonbirt, The National Arboretum

Cotswolds, Gloucestershire

Follow the trail through this botanical collection of trees and topiaries in the Cotswolds and be delighted by the carpet of colours you find underfoot. With so many different species of broadleaf and coniferous trees to be found in this arboretum, it’s not only the colours that catch the eye, but the differing shapes of leaves and contrast in height of the shrubs and hardwoods that make it such a special place to visit this autumn.

With some of the trees being evergreens and others exhibiting paper brown marcescent foliage, we are rewarded with a complementary palette of pretty pigmentations as we amble through this arboretum. If you love this image of the Cotswolds, try reading our guide to the UK’s National Trails.

Image by @star_rxtech

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Two dogs in their respective favourite autumn places

Kingsbury Water Park and Bilsthorpe Park

North Warwickshire and Nottinghamshire

It’s easy to understand why our friends across the pond opt to call this season fall, with many things choosing this time of year to descend, including leaves, pinecones and rain (not to mention the temperature). So, it’s important not to forget how much fun these months can be for our four-legged friends with their entire lives being spent at ground level.

Pip, pictured on the left, is on his favourite walk at Kingsbury Water Park and looks as though he’s just waiting for Mum to finish taking the photo so he can continue his super important autumnal adventures! Wilfred, on the right, looks content to linger amongst the buttery leaves in order to get that perfect snap, before the turf rummaging commences. Find out more about the best UK days out for dogs with our guide. 

Images by Pam Champion and Alison Argent

A frosty morning walk as the sun begins to rise

Ellenbrook Fields

Hatfield, Hertfordshire 

As we’ve already touched upon, when we think of autumn, we conjure up images of polychromatic landscapes, hot spiced drinks and falling leaves. However, this image taken on a crisp morning in Hertfordshire proves that things are not always as they seem.

A blanket of frost entombs everything in sight as the warm daybreak sun begins to rise and shine over the fields and footpath. Most of the animal kingdom may not have emerged from their sleeping berths yet, but we’re sure glad that Helly did.

If this image makes you long for some warmth, check out our cottages with saunas and hot tubs for chilly autumn nights.

Image by @hellywelsh123

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The glistening green waters of Lochan Uaine

Lochan Uaine

Cairngorms National Park, Scotland

Representing Scotland on our list is the hidden gem of Lochan Uaine. Referred to by the locals as the Green Lochan, this beautiful body of water is surrounded by evergreens and leaf-droppers alike and makes for one of the loveliest walks in the Cairngorms National Park.

Legend has it that the water gets its deep green hue from the fairies washing their clothes in it! Whatever the reason, we’re glad that Sarah sent in this picturesque image, when she, her partner and her canine companions went on a scenic 6-mile stroll to this unusual lagoon.

Image by @miss_luna_lily

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Two pictures of people entering misty woodland

National Trust Calke Abbey and Midgley Woods

Ticknall, Derbyshire and Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Rounding off our collection of images are two bewitchingly ethereal photos, which portray the subtle beauty and spooky qualities of an autumn walk.

On the left we see Lizzo entering a National Trust wood with far-reaching mist, just as she seems to spot a photobombing autumn branch taking centre stage in the foreground with its golden-brown foliage.

To the right, Sarah takes the kids to the beautifully barren-looking woods on a foggy morning in Midgley. From the looks of the eerie ambience, she’s quite rightly sending the children through first!

Images by @misslizbyb and @slhuddlestone

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