Proudly supporting the Marine Conservation Society

Posted by Shannon on 4th August 2020


We’re thrilled to be supporting the Marine Conservation Society in an effort to spread the charity’s messages far and wide, as well as influencing and inspiring our own sustainability initiatives here at While much of the sea’s inhabitants are hidden underwater, they are a vitally important part of our planet, and they need our help to ensure a thriving future.

What is the Marine Conservation Society?

The Marine Conservation Society is an organisation which sees scientists, campaigners and volunteers from across a broad range of backgrounds coming together to help secure a more sustainable future for our seas. With a wide range of campaigns including reducing litter from the source, preventing microfibres entering the sea, and saving our seagrass – an essential underwater species that locks in CO– the educational messages that the Marine Conservation Society shares are essential, and we’re proud to support the charity by spreading the word.

Marine Conservation Society

What is our commitment to the Marine Conservation Society?

We are a company member of the Marine Conservation Society and will be supporting its initiatives throughout the year by sharing information and opportunities to get involved with our staff, guests and owners. Celebrating the beauty of our natural environment is something that is ingrained into everything we do, and we’re very aware that we need to protect and preserve our landscapes in order for future generations to be able to enjoy them in the same way that we do today. The Marine Conservation Society’s insight and expertise has already helped us to make changes around the business and heightened our passion for protecting our planet, and we’re really looking forward to moving further into our affiliation in the coming months and years.

Get involved

How can you get involved?

There are so many ways that you can get involved with the Marine Conservation Society’s fantastic work and here are just a few of them:

  • Become a member and receive regular updates from the Marine Conservation Society
  • Adopt a turtle to protect their precious habitat
  • Take part in our #PlasticChallenge in support of the Marine Conservation Society
  • Follow the Marine Conservation Society on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Keep an eye out on our social channels to get involved with upcoming events and initiatives, including the annual Great British Beach Clean

Find out more about our environmental commitments.

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