Sustainable swaps for travellers

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Posted by Kate W on 2nd January 2019


Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information at the time of writing, please ensure you check carefully before making any decisions based on the contents within this article.

Discover easy ways to go green this year.

Going green when travelling is surprisingly simple. Make a few of these simple eco-friendly swaps to ensure sustainable travel when on an exciting UK break.

Take a look at our infographic and pick out the best ideas to implement on your next holiday. 

Try making these simple travel swaps! Begin by exchanging . . .

Swaps Graphic

This year in sustainable travel

We love to hear feedback so get in touch and let us know if you've implemented any of these tips and tricks for going green.

Environmentally friendly travel doesn't need to be difficult or complicated, enjoy an eco-friendly holiday in the UK while having fun and relaxing. If you are ready to book your break and try some of these tips, take a look at our collection of green cottages.

A round-up of our infographic list of easy, eco-friendly swaps:

1. Opt for reusable bottles instead of single-use plastics

One of the largest concerns at the moment by far is the amount of plastic consumption throughout the world. Do your small bit by choosing to take a reusable water bottle instead of buying single-use packaging when you’re on the go. It makes a statement and you can do the same for hot drinks by taking a travel mug. It also means you can make your coffee just the way you like it.

2. Don't pick up supplies as you go, do one big shop

As soon as you arrive at your destination go on a mass shopping spree! This may sound counterproductive but, trust us, if you buy in bulk at the beginning of your holiday you will save packaging and prevent more of that pesky plastic ending up in landfill. Where possible, support the independent businesses at your holiday destination by doing a big shop along a local high street – they need your support more than the big brands do!

3. Try out beeswax wraps instead of clingfilm

Nothing can replace cling film… or can it? It may sound like a peculiar new fad, but these beeswax clingfilm replacements have been getting endless positive reviews online. Give it a try before you head off on holiday to see what you think, and if it works, use beeswax wraps to pack up your picnics. You can get a cloth version too.

4. Go for a non-chemical variety of sunscreen

Protecting your skin is vital during the summer so why undo that hard work by rubbing unnecessary chemical onto your body? Pick out clean, non-toxic sunscreen for your holidays. Often with very little noticeable difference from the standard chemical sunscreen, going non-chemical keeps your body free of unwanted nasties that studies have found may affect hormone levels in both men and women. Stay safe from the sun and stay chemical-free.

5. Buy shampoo bars instead of bottled shampoo

Shampoo bars are great for travel as they are space savers; you only need to break off as much as you’ll need for your trip. They can also be bought plastic-free, have a low carbon-footprint and are very concentrated so you only need to use a little at a time. Choose one in your favourite scent and give them a try. Don’t forget, you can get concentrated conditioner bars too.

6. Lose the plastic straws! 

Plastic straws have gained a lot of negative press recently as more and more companies are getting onboard with the plastic straw ban. But there are still places that will serve you with a plastic cocktail: don’t let them. More and more reusable straws are coming on the market made out of everything from bamboo to metal, paper to glass. Try out an of-the-moment reusable steel straw and see what you think, or simply go without altogether.

7. Swap out your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo version

Your toothbrush won’t last and why would you want it too? Take care of your teeth by replacing your toothbrush every three to six months and take care of the environment by picking a product that is sustainable to produce. One of the better products on the market is the bamboo toothbrush, whose handle can safely decompose although unfortunately the bristles are still reliant on plastic or unsustainable processes. You can even get chemical-free toothpaste to ensure an entirely eco teeth cleaning routine.

8. Try a plant-based diet instead of relying on animal products

Carnivores have no fear! You don’t need to give up meat altogether to be more sustainable. Studies have found that the lowest impact meat and dairy products still cause far more environmental harm than the least sustainable plant-based food farming, so why not try the ever-popular phenomenon of meat-free Monday during your holiday? Cook up an extra special dish using plant-based ingredients, get creative and see what you can come up with. You might even discover a new favourite.

Make the swap

And there you have it: sustainable swaps that we can all incorporate into our travel routine. What do you think of this list?

If you're inspired to try a little environmentally friendly travel, check out our collection of green cottages.