Sustainable swaps for travellers

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Posted by Kate W on 26th August 2020

If you are planning to try a couple of sustainable swaps during your next holiday, read through the suggestions below and see if any of our ideas catch your eye. 

While you’re browsing through breathtaking holiday destinations and beginning to put together ideas for your next break, your environmental impact might be far from your mind or it may be riddling you with uncertainly. With so much to see and do during a getaway, how can you be sure you’re keeping your impact to a minimum while still enjoying your retreat to the fullest? 

As part of our Holidays with more heart series, we’ve put together a list of ways you can simply and easily swap out a few of your holiday products and activities for greener alternatives that are sometimes even better than the original! After all, many of us would already choose a stylish reusable water bottle over the plain, old plastic ones, and there are bound to be plenty of other swaps in our list you’ll be keen to try during your break. 

A huge part of travelling is getting close to nature and making the most of our beautiful natural spaces, like unspoilt beaches and untamed nature reserves. If you are already an eco-champion and would like to explore our collection of cottages for green living, browse through our retreats below.

Our green-living collection

Sustainable swaps for travellers

Whether you're ready to ditch the single-use coffee cups or thinking of ways to reduce time travelling around in the car, we've come up with a selection of ideas below to inspire your sustainable swaps during your holiday. Read on for a selection of sustainable swaps to try out on your next holiday retreat. 

Did any of our ideas take your fancy? If you have decided to make one of these sustainable swaps, we’d love to find out what you thought, so please let us know through Facebook or Instagram

From making the switch to non-toxic sunscreen, to picking out a vintage pair of shades to wear at the seaside, it can be easy to go green while enjoying an unforgettable holiday adventure. 

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If staying in the UK has made your list or you already knew you wanted to take advantage of our spectacular British landscape on your next trip, take a look through our collection of ‘green’ cottages and find a stylish property to suit you and your travel companions. 

Our green-living collection

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