Things to do with children over New Year

New Year

Posted by Hannah on 19th September 2017

Just because you have children, New Year doesn’t have to mean a mug of Horlicks and bed at 9pm. With our handy tips for involving the little ones in the celebrations, you can enjoy the evening without worrying or feeling you’re missing out.

Throw a family-friendly party

Get all your friends with children together and organise an evening that everybody can get involved in. While the grownups enjoy dinner and cocktails downstairs, the children can entertain themselves, within reason! A late night and fun with their friends will keep the little ones happy.

Make an inspiration board

It doesn’t matter if you’re spending New Year with friends or having a quiet night in, get the family together and write down everything you want to do in the coming year. From holidays to achievements, pin it up somewhere and by the time you get to June, see how many you’ve done!

Get the karaoke out!

Not only is it great entertainment, karaoke is also a perfect evening activity for groups of all ages. While the grownups are likely to get a little competitive, the children will just love putting on a show.

Think up some party games

Having everybody together is the perfect opportunity to refresh some old classics. Hide and seek is always a firm favourite, as well as Pictionary, charades or something more energetic like Twister!

Set up a movie night

Spend quality time together by having a movie evening. Enjoy the old family favourites like Home Alone or Mary Poppins, or catch the latest blockbuster. Throw in a bucket of popcorn and duvets on the sofa and you’ve got the perfect New Year’s night in!

Make a time capsule

There are two ways of doing your time capsule. Collect memories from the year gone by and keep them safe in a box to open up the following year (you’ll have a lovely time reminiscing over everything), or do it traditionally. Bury your capsule in the ground for future archaeologists to discover, or make a family pact to open it in ten, twenty, thirty years!

Have a fancy dress night

If you’re getting some friends over, set a fancy dress theme. The little ones will love dressing up and it’s pretty funny for the adults too! Sort out themed games, i.e. if you’re having a Mexican night combine the dress code with Mexican food and piñata whacking.

Let the children be involved

Your little ones will love staying up to watch the new year arrive and will feel so grown up. Let them join in the 12 o'clock toast with sparkling apple juice. If you’re all drinking cocktails, make the kids non-alcoholic versions and decorate them with straws and umbrellas.

Have a sleepover

One way to make New Year’s special is to make it a little bit different. If you’ve got friends over with kids, why not let all the little ones enjoy one giant sleepover. Chances are they’ll keep you up way past midnight, but it's New Year’s Day tomorrow and a pyjama day is completely acceptable!

Look for family friendly activities around the UK

Why not spend New Year’s Day ice skating or visiting the theatre to catch a festive show?

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