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Posted by Hannah on 20th August 2019

Here in the UK we’re lovers of something sweet — whether that be a mid-afternoon snack, an accompaniment to our tea or something after dinner. There rarely seems a time when a cake or biscuit wouldn’t suffice.

These delicious treats are signatures of not only the UK itself but the different countries and regions that help make Great Britain, great!

Take the classic Scottish shortbread. It began life as scraps from a medieval “biscuit bread”, twice baked. It now takes place as a culinary icon — delicious, buttery and sweet.

Or how about Parkin, a regional ginger cake of Yorkshire? It’s well known for its dark brown colour and fiery flavour — a particular favourite to be served on the 5th of November, Bonfire night.

Whatever your sweet of choice, we’ve got the favourites listed in our new infographic, broken down by their area and main flavours, from the classic cream tea of Cornwall to Grasmere ginger shortbread, a traditional Lake District treat. Careful though, that diet might be out the window after having a read of this!


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