Valentine's Brainteaser: Find the heart-holding teddy bear!


Posted by Joe on 24th January 2020

Ah. Valentine’s Day. Officially the most romantic day of the year when it’s time to show your loved one just how much they mean to you, whether that’s by showering them with gifts and affection or simply by remembering to take the bins out without being asked…! 

Here at, we want to help you get into the mood for a little bit of romance and so not only have we penned our own quick poem, but we’ve also created a sneaky little brainteaser for you to have a go at – and this one is going to take some real concentration.  Hidden amongst the hearts, flowers and teddy bears is one cheeky little ted holding his heart in his hand – see how long it takes you to spot him! 

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Valentines Brainteaser


Valentines Brainteaser answer

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