Where else does Queen Elizabeth II live besides Buckingham Palace?

HRH Queen Elizabeth II has so many residences besides Buckingham Palace, even she may forget where they all are at times! With the Queen’s 90th Birthday celebrations on the horizon, we've had a few thoughts about what it may be like to live in a royal property.

Not many of us can lay claim to owning several palaces, yet there a very high number of us that have holidayed in splendour. How many of us have vacationed 'near palaces'?

Whilst HRH Queen Elizabeth II is one of the few people on the planet that has the front door keys to a number of luxurious properties, we hold the keys to even more properties that are nearby.

Ever wanted to stay within a stone’s throw of Sandringham Palace or Holyroodhouse? If it’s on your bucket list to capture a glimpse of the Queen barreling down the Long Walk in Windsor behind the wheel of her Range Rover Defender, or to catch a regal wave from the balcony at Buckingham Palace, then read on, because we have some lovely properties just for you.

Buckingham Palace, London

Buckingham Palace is the Queen’s residence in the nation’s capital, London, and has served as the base for British sovereignty since 1837. It’s also the administrative centre and residence of many of the royal staff. The Queen receives her subjects at a series of annual garden parties at Buckingham Palace, so you may be on her hit list, who knows? Most of the palace is off-limits to the public, however the State Rooms are open all year round, so you may spot her through a window on a tour.

Shell Cottage, Whistable Bay, Kent

This lovely three bedroom cottage is perfectly situated for day-trips into London. You can be in Victoria Station, the closest mainline hub to Buckingham Palace, in just over an hour. Shell Cottage is well-situated in Whitstable Bay so you can have the best of both worlds. The relaxed vibe of a coastal break and the busy splendour that a day in the capital can bring.

Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire

Windsor Castle is the world’s largest inhabited castle. This famous residence is located on a gigantic hill next to the River Thames, 20 miles west of London, and parts of the structure date back before the days of William the Conqueror. Traditionally, the Queen spends weekends (when in London) and Easter at Windsor. Windsor locals can tell if she’s at home by which flag has been hoisted – if it’s the Union Jack, she’s away, and if it's the Royal Standard, she’s there. Most of the castle’s grounds and inner walls are open to the public, and certain parts like the State Rooms and Queen Mary’s Dolls House can be visited. A full visit to the castle will take you about half a day, but why not discover the wonderful streets of Windsor or The Great Park and Eton College too? There’s always plenty to do in Windsor.

9 The Courtyard, Windsor

Located in a secluded courtyard, this stylish apartment is perfect enjoying the regal delights of Windsor, including the castle as well as the town of Eton across the river. It’s also within short driving distance from another Royal Palace, albeit an uninhabited one – Hampton Court Palace, with its ornate gardens and world-famous maze. Sleeping up to four guests, the property is located just off the High Street, and enjoys excellent rail links from both Waterloo and Paddington.

Sandringham House, Norfolk

Deep in the land of Norfolk lavender farming is the Queen’s winter and Christmas residence, Sandringham House, which has been the private home to four generations of sovereigns since 1862. Parts of the grounds and house are open to the public with its museum, lavish gardens and visitor centre. Sandringham House also hosts a large garden show each July ensuring that this royal residence is well worth a visit, even if it’s just to see where Her Majesty pulls her crackers every year.

Great Bircham Cottage, Burnham Market, Norfolk

Sandringham Palace is one of many great Norfolk highlights to visit. The tasteful Great Bircham Cottage is a great base from which to discover the outlying area of the fens, and beyond. Sandringham Palace has even got competition because the equally palatial Holkham Hall is in the area. The north coast of Norfolk is one of the best unspoiled long stretches of coastline in the UK, so make a beeline to Blakeney Spit and Wells-Next-The-Sea to feel spoilt like a royal.

The Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh

The Palace of Holyroodhouse dominates the end of the Royal Mile at the heart of Edinburgh. It’s been home to a succession of Scottish kings and queens, namely Mary Queen of Scots, and central to Scotland’s interesting history.

8,000 people from all walks of Scottish life are invited to Holyrood Day by the Queen, so one way of spotting her would be to see if you’re on the guest list. It’s unlikely if you don’t live in Scotland though. You probably would have more chance of seeing Her Majesty here because of the proximity and plus there are lots of other residences along the Royal Mile for her subjects of the realm (aka us!).

The Ingle Apartment, Edinburgh

You probably couldn’t find a holiday home closer to where the Queen rests her head than this property in the thick of Edinburgh’s bustling attractions. Not only are you an energetic corgi’s walk from the gates to the Palace of Holyroodhouse, you are also close to other popular Edinburgh highlights such as the Castle, Royal Yacht Britannia, The National Portrait Gallery, Arthur’s Seat, Dynamic Earth, and Holyrood Park.

Central Edinburgh is an ideal spot for Royal spotting and you could even plan a day trip to HRH’s Highland home of Balmoral to enhance your odds.

Balmoral Castle, The Cairngorms National Park, Scotland

Balmoral Castle is close to the River Dee on the south side of The Cairngorms National Park. This is probably the most secluded and private of the five Royal residences. The Queen has described it as her "dear Highland paradise” in her journals. Be sure to book one of the safaris, on which you can see the Royal Estate from the comfort of a 4x4, not unlike one of the Queen’s. So perhaps Balmoral Castle is the place to feel most like a royal! Don’t forget to buy a headscarf for the experience.

Tomnavoulin - The Old School

This splendid property is located on the heart of another estate, the Glenlivet Estate, with Balmoral under an hour's drive away. Sleeping up to four guests, fishing, pony trekking and walking can all be enjoyed using this property as a base. Also nearby are some wonderful days out, ranging from the Malt Whisky Trail to the Highland Wildlife Park and the Cairngorms National Park.

Have a look at our luxury cottages to get some further ideas for your next holiday break.

Posted by Ed on 14th March 2017