Why not go fishing?

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Posted by Ed on 15th April 2017


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Why not try fishing? Fishing is one of the oldest pastimes known to man. Whether we’ve found ourselves stood firm on a rock casting a line into a river, or out in the ocean on a boat bobbing around on the waves - there’s much to be said, read and learnt from this noble pursuit. A great deal has been said about the joys of fishing in all its guises, and we’d definitely agree that it’s a rewarding outdoor pursuit that we’d recommend everybody try at least once in some respect.

Deep sea fishing

Charter boat sea fishing in the UK has flourished over the last two decades. Charter boat safety has improved greatly too. With the age of the Internet in full swing you can easily source a suitable skipper and launch online – try Deepsea. Beginners and pros are welcome on all kinds of boats and depending which waters you fish you never know what you’ll catch. Boats can be chartered from most harbours or ports in the British Isles, so if you’re enjoying a coastal break, this kind of day trip is always a really good option.

River fishing

Fishing is said to be one of the greatest solo pastimes of all time – yourself, a rod, a line, a tranquil beauty spot and time is all that’s needed. Not all of us fish alone though. It’s a great way to bond with friends, your children, and family members. Scotland has some of the world’s best salmon fishing locations and it’s an immensely popular sport. Angling competitions are a big draw around the country too.

Imagine fishing an entire week’s holiday menu – that’s the beauty of a self-catering holiday. Just think, line-caught barbecued fish every night. You can add to your friends list of fishing stories too, there’s always ‘the one that got away’, or the one ‘this big!’ Fill out your family mantelpiece with that all important photograph of your first holiday catch. Fond childhood memories always seem to revolve around fishing because it’s great fun to teach, learn, play catch, and release/eat.

Whether you’re holidaying alone or with friends, add a day or two fishing to your cottage holiday and discover one of the best water sports ever invented.