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Self-catering holiday cottages in Isle of Lewis

The Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides plunges its rocky headlands into the sea where you will spot the watchful bobbing heads of Atlantic and Grey Seals. Whales pass by with the Whale Bone Arch acting as a great example of how impressive these creatures are. The Isle is full of rich history where ancient standing stones spike the clear skyline and crannogs, blackhouses and an Iron Age village can be explored. And with its spectacular white-sand beaches and rugged coastline, it’s not surprising that there are lots of opportunities for water sports, walking, cycling, fishing and birdwatching here.

Book one of our Isle of Lewis cottages and start your Hebridean adventure. Taste the true spirit of the island at Abhainn Dearg Distillery, marvel at the Callanish Standing Stones which date back to a time before 1500BC or try your hand at extreme kite or windsurfing at Ardroil Sands. Our holiday lets on the Isle of Lewis can be found either in Stornoway, a picturesque port town home to one-third of the island’s population with a selection of independent shops and eateries, or sprinkled throughout the numerous small villages across the land. The perfect place to slow down and escape the bustle of everyday life, staying in our self-catering accommodation on the Isle of Lewis will give you a holiday on a magnificent isle in Scotland you will never forget.