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John O Groats (6mls W), The Highlands

The Captain's House


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7 nights

£802 - £1,320


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Self-catering holiday cottages in John O Groats

From killer whales and playful dolphins swimming offshore to panoramic breathtaking views of the Orkneys, John O’Groats revels in its reputation as being the most northerly town on the mainland of Britain. A holiday here is nothing short of an adventure, with astonishing scenery and wildlife galore, complimented by a welcoming atmosphere and rich history, it has all the elements for a memorable stay.

You will most likely want to include a visit to Dunnet Head, the most northerly point in mainland Britain, on your itinerary. Owned by the RSPB, it is home to a picturesque lighthouse and offers panoramic views of the coast. There are many seabirds to spot here, including puffins, while out to sea you may spy minke whales, dolphins and even killer whales.

One of the simple pleasures in this part of the world is walking along the scenic coast paths. A favourite stretch is that which includes the forebodingly pointy-looking Stacks of Duncansby. You can also book boat trips from the town to head out wildlife spotting and gaining a different perspective on the coast. Excursions can also be arranged to the island of Orkney which is just 6 miles off the coast and is home to yet more wildlife, beauty and history.

With so much to explore in the surrounding area, somewhere comfortable to rest your head and enjoy downtime is a must. Our holiday cottages in John O’Groats offer the perfect escape from the fast pace of daily life, leaving you well-positioned for your adventures at the UK’s most northerly point. Choose from John O’Groats cottages which welcome dogs, cosy cottages for couples and delightful family homes. Browse our self-catering accommodation in John O’Groats above.