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Morecambe • Dates • Guests

Morecambe Cottages

2 properties found

Heysham, Morecambe, Lancashire

Heysham Cottage


Our grading

7 nights

£502 - £872


Morecambe, Lancashire

Sea View - Morecambe


Our grading

7 nights

£1,015 - £2,292


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Holidays in Morecambe

A lively seaside town, Morecambe is home to two sand and shingle beaches, as well as a lovely promenade, decorated with bird sculptures and a statue of Eric Morecambe, one of the town's most famous residents. Enjoy a classic day at the seaside, head to the family-friendly amusements, bowling or cinema, or even go for a spot of shopping, either at the market or the shopping centre packed with high-street stores. Don't forget to try the shrimps - a local delicacy!