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Sevenoaks • Dates • Guests

Sevenoaks holiday cottages

14 properties found

Tonbridge, Kent Countryside

Oak Tree Cottage


Our grading

7 nights

£1,164 - £1,164


Foots Cray, Kent Countryside

Foots Cray Place


Our grading

7 nights

£12,387 - £12,387


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Sevenoaks accommodation & places to stay

Sevenoaks in Kent is a truly unforgettable holiday destination, from gorgeous stately homes and irresistible gardens to Roman remains and picturesque landscapes it really is a beautiful town. Kent’s rich history remains bright and vibrant in its culture today, with much of its traditional architecture still lining its streets. There is so much to see and experience during a holiday at our Sevenoaks cottages that they will leave you wanting to return.