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Unst, Shetland

Marrats Houl


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Self-catering holiday cottages in Unst

As the northernmost inhabited island in the British Isles, Unst is a perfect choice for those looking to get off the beaten track. From the Keen of Hamar, a nature reserve resembling a lunar landscape, to Hermaness National Nature Reserve, a breathtaking beauty spot overlooking Muckle Flugga, Unst makes a brilliant destination for exploring the Shetland Isles. The island stretches for 12 miles and contains a dazzling array of landscapes, from giant cliffs and sea stacks to peat bogs and freshwater lochs, with a wide range of wildlife too, including the iconic Shetland ponies. On Unst, you can explore the many walking trails available, take part in events with the vibrant community or learn more about the island’s fascinating Viking and crofting history at the museums.

Our Unst cottages allow you to experience a holiday where you can truly get away from it all and enjoy immersing yourself in awe-inspiring natural landscapes. From traditional crofting cottages to larger, more modern properties, we have a wide range of Unst holiday cottages to suit the needs of all guests – including some dog-friendly cottages too so you needn’t leave your four-legged best friend behind. Take a look at our full collection of holiday cottages in Unst above and start planning your next Scottish getaway.