A brand new app to help you plan dog-friendly days out with your pet.

Dog-friendly beach app

Sarah on May 05, 2015

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A super-useful and easy way to get dog-friendly beach information on the go, wherever you are.

Have you ever been packed into the car with the whole family and your pooch, with absolutely no idea where you are heading? You consider the beach but how do you know if dogs are allowed?

Well that is exactly where our dog-friendly beach app comes in handy: you can pull over, load up the app on your smartphone and search for dog-friendly beaches all over the UK!

Download the Dog Spot Beach Guide app

What can you expect from the dog app?

Get essential information

Discover dog-friendly beaches across the UK that you never knew existed and search for beaches nearby, to find out if there are any dog restrictions before you visit!

The weather forecast

Find out what the weather looks like at different beaches across the UK, so you can plan accordingly.

Find the best route

Found a beach you'd like to visit? The app will find your current location and plot the quickest route to get there, using apple maps.

Get social

Take photos of your pooch enjoying the beach and share them within the app for other users to see.

Find cottages nearby

Found your favourite beach? Discover dog-friendly accommodation nearby so that you can enjoy a coastal holiday together.

Meet the Dog Spot team

Meet the Dog Spot team

…well sort of! Meet some of the four-legged inspirations behind Dog Spot.


How about a cottage for your next dog-friendly holiday? Choose from locations throughout England, Scotland and Wales.