Guest Review Policy

In order to help our guests make informed decisions when deciding to book a holiday at one of our properties, we ask all our guests to review their experience following their stay.

To make reviews beneficial, we expect you to follow the guidelines set out in this Guest Review Policy. All reviews that meet the terms of the review policy, whether positive or negative, will be published as quickly as possible, after being moderated by us to ensure compliance, typically within 28 days of submission.

By submitting a review, you agree to abide by this policy.

Version 1.1
last modified 07/04/2022


1. Reviews must be genuine

Reviews should be accurate, relevant, and describe your first-hand experience at a property, written with the aim of helping others to make an informed decision. Only one review is allowed per booking and reviews must be genuine and entirely yours.

To post a review, you must have booked your holiday through or one of our affiliated brands or companies, and you must have stayed at the property.

2. Reviews must be unbiased

As a reviewer you, must not be affiliated in any way with the property or the property owner.

Positive reviews must not be incentivised, and a negative review must not be used to try and achieve a desired outcome. Reviews which relate to a current complaint, or include disputed comments, will not be published until the situation has been resolved.

Reviews must not be used to deliberately try and lower the review score of a property.

3. Reviews must not contain

  • Any profanity, or any attempts at profanity with alternative spellings.
  • Hate speech, discriminatory remarks, threats, sexually explicit content, violence or promotion of illegal activities.
  • Derogatory comments or commentary on an individual’s personal, political, ethical or religious beliefs.
  • Private or confidential information including email addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses, website addresses, social media details or similar.
  • The address of the property.
  • Advertising or spam of any kind, or links to any third-party sites.

Additional information

We reserve the right to remove any reviews you make that don’t meet the guidelines set out in this policy, or if you have not adhered to our booking terms and conditions.

We may comment on, and respond to, any reviews which have been submitted.

Reviews are archived when we deem them (acting reasonably) to no longer provide helpful insights to potential customers.

The opinions expressed in reviews are those of our guests and they do not represent our views and opinions. Our decision to publish reviews does not signify we agree with any views or opinions given.

By submitting a review you give us permission to use and publish it in any promotional activity, for example on our website. If your review contains personal information it will only be used if it complies with all applicable data protection laws, and in accordance with our Privacy Policy.