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Blacpool Pier

This is one of the UK’s original seaside resorts and millions still visit every year to explore the promenade, three piers and famous tower.

Blackpool is a dazzling spectacle of colour and sound, with a vast number of old-fashioned seaside attractions. As you wander around the piers and promenade, you’ll stumble upon everything you could possibly want from a traditional British seaside resort.

Blackpool Tower was inspired by the Eiffel Tower and remains one of the town’s most popular attractions, as well as a good landmark to use to get your bearings. The Pleasure Beach is another Blackpool classic, packed with terrifying rides and light-hearted entertainment.

Blackpool's butling seafront

The town has extended its summer season by illuminating miles of its promenade with a shimmering display of lights for the colder, darker months of the year. Blackpool is a fascinating place to explore, with hundreds of places to shop and eat, whether you want a stick of candyfloss or an evening meal.

The town’s instantly recognisable Blackpool Tower has been drawing crowds from far and wide since it opened in 1894. The tower has numerous attractions including a magnificent ballroom, spooky dungeon and The Eye, from which visitors can enjoy some of the town’s best views. The tower is Blackpool’s most iconic landmark, and a must for anyone who wants to get a sense of the resort’s rich heritage.

For a fun-packed day at one of the UK’s top amusement parks, head to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. You’ll find a variety of hair-raising rides including the Big One, the country’s tallest, fastest rollercoaster. There are also regular shows to enjoy including performances by magicians, comedians and hypnotists.

Blackpool is home to no less than three piers: the North Pier, the South Pier and the Central Pier. The longest and most famous is the North Pier, where you can watch a show, visit a tearoom or find a comfortable spot and enjoy the sun and sound of an organ drifting on the sea breeze.

One of the town’s most popular attractions for families is Blackpool Zoo, where you’ll encounter a variety of exotic creatures including lions, tigers, aardvarks and pelicans.

“Blackpool is a dazzling spectacle of colour and sound, with a vast number of old-fashioned seaside attractions.”

There are countless places to grab a bite to eat in Blackpool. Fish and chips are a favourite, but far from the only food on offer. McHall’s Bistro is one of the town’s most popular restaurants, serving classic dishes including pork tenderloin and lamb shank. Alternatively, try Ambrosini’s, an Italian restaurant which serves excellent pizza and pasta.

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While you’re there

Grundy Art Gallery

A wonderful venue hosting numerous exhibitions and art shows.

Blackpool Tower

The Blackpool Tower is one of Britain’s best-loved landmarks and a great family attraction.

Blackpool Pier

A traditional Victorian pier stretching out into the sea and boasting many premier attractions.

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