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Small hamlet on the outskirts of the Cathedral city of Salisbury

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Britford Water Meadows by Dave Bevis [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Britford is a tiny village on the southern outskirts of Salisbury on the banks of the River Avon. Surrounded by low-lying water meadows it’s a pleasant rural locale to enjoy that’s a good walking distance from the city centre. Just outside the village is a Park & Ride from which buses service the local area.

Salisbury is a city filled with visitor attractions and places of historical interest. The city has an iconic Cathedral that has the UK’s tallest church spire. The Cathedral is situated on a large green in The Close, which is a walled enclave at the heart of the city, that includes the residence of Church and School officials. Also, there are several museums including: Mompesson House and Garden the Rifles Museum, Arundells - the former home of ex-Prime Minister Edward Heath, and Sarum College. You could easily spend an entire day in The Close without getting near the rest of the city centre.

Countryside views in Wiltshire

Salisbury is known for its markets and very pleasing shopping centre which is home to many interesting shops and boutiques. There’s no shortage of pubs, bakeries, restaurants and cafes to patronise too. Also close to the centre of the city are the Water Meadows, with views of the spire and a great walk to 15th century Old Mill at Harnham.

A short distance outside of the city centre is Old Sarum. Old Sarum is the old site of the city. Today there is the remains of a castle, the foundations of the first cathedral, and ancient earthworks.  It also presents flawless views of the surrounding Wiltshire countryside. The site is managed by English Heritage.

“There’s no shortage of places to go in Salisbury…”

South of Britford is Downton. Downton is a large village which home to some bewitching public gardens known as The Moot. The Moot was created in the 18th century from the ruins of a 12th century fortress. The 8-acre park sits along the east bank of the River Avon. The park is full of surprises and is a maze in all but name. It’s a hidden treat that’s full of delights all year around. Downton is at the northern edge of the New Forest and all that’s special about that region.

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While you’re there

Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral is a beautiful example of religious architecture. Marvel at the highest spire in the UK, or relax in the peaceful Cloisters.

The Moot

The village of Downton is home to one of the largest public ‘secret’ gardens in the south.

Old Sarum

Travel to the north of the city to see the remains of the original cathedral and a motte and bailey castle.

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