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Found on the slalom coastline on the Cowal peninsula

Dunoon coastline

Dunoon sits on a mountainous peninsula on the shore of the Firth of Clyde and is more easily accessed by boat than by land. It has a relaxed atmosphere, bustling town centre and intriguing architecture, including rows of opulent villas and hotels. Dunoon is only a short drive from Glasgow and is an ideal base from which to explore the spectacular scenery of the Scottish Highlands.

Dunoon has two pretty bays to the north and south of the town centre. Between them is a hill on which the town’s castle used to sit. There’s not much of the castle left, but the hill provides excellent views of the town and out to the Firth of Clyde. Dunoon is located on the Cowal Peninsula, which is a fascinating part of Scotland, with an abundance of nature, crumbling castles and Neolithic ruins.

.Dunoon monument

Dunoon’s lively town centre is home to a variety of excellent restaurants and cafes as well as numerous independent shops. For venison from the hills, hand-dived scallops and salmon which has been locally caught and smoked, try The Braes. This restaurant has a modern feel but offers some of the best traditional Scottish food in the area.

For a glimpse into Dunoon’s intriguing history as one of Scotland’s most extravagant resorts, take a trip to Castle House Museum . The museum is located in one of Dunoon’s most striking buildings and offers an insight into the rich past of the town and the whole of the Cowal Peninsula.

The countryside surrounding Dunoon is remarkably unspoilt and offers plenty of opportunities to experience the thrill of some of the region’s faster-paced outdoor pursuits. A short drive from Dunoon is Quad Mania. As you might expect, it offers a variety of high-energy quad-based adventures as well as clay shooting, archery and other activities which give you the chance to enjoy the beauty of the Highlands.

The Cowal Peninsula is also home to Puck’s Glen, a famous walk through enchanting woodland named after Puck, a character in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The walk is only a couple of miles long and passes through a narrow gorge which is scattered with bridges, waterfalls and rock pools.

“Dunoon is only a short drive from Glasgow and is an ideal base from which to explore the spectacular scenery of the Scottish Highlands.”

The coast near Dunoon is home to an incredible variety of wildlife including seals and dolphins. From sea-safaris to kayaking tours, there are plenty of opportunities to get out on the water and catch a glimpse of some of the coast’s more elusive inhabitants.

While you’re there

Castle House Museum

The most historic attraction in the area, providing a unique insight into Dunoon's colourful past.

Puck's Glen

Take in enchanting waterfalls, stunning woodlands and arched bridges.

Chatters Restaurant

Enjoy a complete dining experience within an award-winning restaurant.

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