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The beautiful village

Eardisland is a village near the market town of Leominster in Herefordshire on the River Arrow. Close to the England/Wales border in a region known as the Hereford Marches, it is surrounded by rolling arable and pastoral farmland, ancient fruit orchards, stately homes and castles.

Eardisland is part of the 40-mile long Black and White Village Trail, which explores the villages of half-timbered, black and white houses to be found in this area of northern Herefordshire. The trail was developed in 1987 as a means of introduction to off-the-beaten-track Herefordshire villages, and their heritage. It’s possible to cycle the trail as well as drive by car.

Another point of interest is that the Roman road, Watling Street, runs close to Eardisland, forming the eastern boundary of the local parish.

The ruins of the mysterious Eardisland Castle can be found close to the centre of the village, and also look out for the village’s 17th-century dovecote.

Stunning historic architecture

Eardisland is home to Burton Court, a 14th century building which has enjoyed a potted history, having been associated with Henry V, Edward III and Owain Glyndwr, the last Welshman to hold the title of the Prince of Wales. It’s largely a venue for events and private parties.

Leominster, ‘The Town in the Marches’, is the closest town to Eardisland. Similarly, it has an enviable collection of black and white wooden buildings. Take on a tour of the Monkland Cheese Dairy in Leominster; find out how their dairy products are made on a half-hour tour that includes a cheese-tasting.

The main city in the area is Hereford, the county capital. Hereford is known throughout the world for Hereford Beef, and also for local ciders, potatoes, soft fruits, juices and locally manufactured crisps, cheeses, and real ales.

"Eardisland is on the Black and White Village Trail, a 40-mile heritage circle…"

A day trip to Hereford is a must on everybody’s holiday. Stop by Hereford Cathedral to see the 13th century Mappa Mundi, the largest and oldest textile world map in existence. Also on-site is a copy of the 1217 revision of the Magna Carta – one of the most important legal documents in human history. There are only a few genuine originals in existence at a select few cathedrals around the country.

The chained library is also a must-see. All in all, it’s a fantastic place of historical interest for those that have an active interest in Great Britain’s national heritage.

We have some lovely holiday cottages in and around Eardisland. Why not visit our collection to feel inspired?

While you’re there

The Black and White Building Trail

Explore the Herefordshire villages and their black and white timber beamed buildings on this 40-mile circuit.

The Eardisland Magpie

Take a wander around to find the magpie sculpture emblem for the village.

Hereford Cathedral

See some of the most important documents in British history including the Magna Carta and Mappa Mundi.

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