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Oxfordshire village with famous associations with Lord Berners

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Faringdon Folly

Set in between two beautiful valleys of Ock and the Thames, this rural market town makes a fantastic holiday base. With a wide selection of boutiques, restaurants, tearooms and pubs as well as sports and leisure facilities, Faringdon caters for all ages. Half an hour from the town brings you to the hustle and bustle of the city of Oxford, easily accessed from the public transport routes.

Faringdon is a within a short driving distance of the Vale of the White Horse. A walker’s paradise, Faringdon also has the Ridgeway on its doorstep, perfect for exploring the countryside and a number of beautiful Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire villages.

The Grade-II listed Faringdon Folly is the town’s most distinctive edifice, built in 1935 for the famous eccentric Lord Berners as an ornamental viewing point. It affords views across five counties and you can see as far at the Berkshire Downs and Didcot. It was used as an observation post during WW2.

The grounds of Faringdon House, once home to the previously mentioned Lord Berners, are occasionally opened to the public. Notable for its orangery and lake, it is worth considering coinciding your holiday with a public viewing. It is now owned by the author Sofia Zinovieff and is a private home.

Faringdon is also notable because it has some peculiar local customs, many instigated by the late 14th Lord Berners – one of which was dyeing pigeons pink!

Bluebell woods near Faringdon

Berner’s influence still remains on the town, albeit in a fun and cultural way. Look out for some peculiar notices around the town, that were once supposed to be taken as local law.

There is quite a collection of ancient Bronze Age giant chalk animals and figures displayed on hillsides in this region. One of the most famous is the Uffington Chalk Horse on White Horse Hill nearby, above the small town of Wantage. Wantage has a rich history as the birthplace of King Alfred the Great, and a number of connections to famous literary artists such as Thomas Hardy.

"White Horse Hill is very nearby for long walks and amazing views…"

This small market town has plenty to see and do and is situated just over 20 miles from the city of Oxford too, so you won’t be left wanting for things to keep you busy on your holiday cottage break.

Faringdon is well-connected to the National Road Network and public transport links, primarily via Swindon and Oxford. Day trips to Oxford are essential, with its array of museums, displays of grand architecture, park land, and a variety of interesting shops, pubs, restaurants and evening entertainment.

We have some lovely cottages in and around Faringdon. Why not take a look at our collection of holiday cottages to feel inspired?

While you’re there

White Horse Hill

A short drive away is the best-known chalk horse near Wantage.


Take a day trip to the city of Oxford for museums, meadow walks and shopping.

Faringdon Folly

Take a stroll around the circular woodland surrounding Lord Berners 100ft folly.

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