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A town by the sea well-loved for its beaches, sand dunes and wildlife

Formby beach

Found close to the Merseyside coast, Formby is an affluent town at the centre of a variety of natural wonders.

Footprints have been found at Formby Beach dating back to the Bronze Age, while the name was gifted to the town by the Vikings, who first settled on this stretch of coastline in the 10th century. One of the oldest buildings in Formby is Formby Hall, which has origins in the 13th century, though today the place is mostly used as a golf course. In 1776, the first lifeboat station in the UK was opened in Formby, and was used in rescue missions until 1916.

A red squirrel in Formby's woods

Formby is well-known for its expansive beach, and from the top of the high sand dunes, you can enjoy clear views out over the Irish Sea. It’s an ideal place to begin exploring Sefton’s natural coast, with its grassland, woodlands and even more sandy beach. The woodlands are especially notable as they are home to a large colony of red squirrels, and the area has been classed as a Red Squirrel Stronghold. You can also find a variety of interesting wildlife in the sand dunes, from the natterjack toads, who come to breed in the pools, to the camouflaged sand lizard and the great crested newt.

To the south, the Ravenmeols Sandhills Nature Reserve is also worth a visit; an unspoilt expanse of natural sand dunes where you may spot rabbits, foxes, stoats and weasels. Old military buildings also dot the landscape.

Formby’s town centre is known as Formby Village and here you’ll find a number of shops, both high-street names and independent traders. It’s also a great place to relax in the evening thanks to the variety of bars and restaurants. The Pinewoods is a popular pub, with its gammon and fish and chips in particular being a hit with visitors, while Bistro Moulin is perfect whether you’re going out for a special occasion or a simple leisurely meal.

“From the top of the high sand dunes, you can enjoy clear views out over the Irish Sea…”

A short distance up the coast is the popular seaside resort of Southport, offering a classic British day out at the seaside. Here you’ll find a sandy beach, a pier, amusements and a variety of attractions that are sure to keep all the family entertained.

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While you’re there

Ravenmeols Sandhills Nature Reserve

Home to a variety of mammals and an unusual and unspoilt landscape dotted with old military buildings

Formby Woods

A conifer plantation well-known for its large population of red squirrels

Formby Beach

A beautiful stretch of coastline, where a myriad of interesting wildlife can be found living in the sand dunes

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