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Suburb of new town Telford, close to the World Heritage Site, Ironbridge Gorge

Shelton Tollhouse at Blists Hill Victorian Village

Madeley is a former village, now suburb, of the Shropshire town of Telford. It is very close to the picturesque Ironbridge Gorge, which is the birthplace of the British Industrial Revolution. It is also close to Blists Hill Victorian Town, which is an open-air museum.

Madeley is well-connected to the centre of Telford, and the national road and rail network for the major cities in the Midlands and North-West. Telford is a lively new town with all the shops, restaurants and evening entertainment you could ever need. There are cinemas, pubs and night clubs too.

Madeley was once a mining village built to house workers of a now-defunct colliery. There was also a sawmill and carpentry known as Madeley Wood. The village High Street still retains many of its Victorian-era buildings, so it distinguishes itself from the other neighbourhoods in Telford that have fully embraced mid-20th century styles.

Several of Madeley's historical sites of interest are waypoints on the South Telford Heritage Trail including: Madeley Court, Madeley High Street, Jubilee House, St. Michael’s Church, Madeley Windmill and the Madeley Salop Railway Station. The gatehouse to Madeley Court is a Grade I listed building.

Ironbridge Gorge

The World Heritage Site, Ironbridge Gorge and the titular Iron Bridge is down a long hill at the edge of Telford. The Iron Bridge was a world first, built in 1779, and it gave its name to the village that grew around it.

The village runs alongside the course of the River Severn and is home to several museums and historical activity centres. Amongst the visitor attractions are: the Jackfield Tile Museum; Coalport China Museum; Museum of the Gorge, and the Broseley Pipeworks.

"Ironbridge Gorge is a magnet for historians with an interest in the Industrial Revolution..."

One of the highlights is the 12-metre scale model of Ironbridge, at the Museum of the Gorge, complete with former landmarks and sail boats from a different era. Elsewhere in the attraction, there are interactive displays and exhibits documenting the history of the immediate area.

In the 1600s and 1700s the advances in the local iron trade kicked off the Industrial Revolution, this was because of the innovations fostered by the foundry owners – they developed larger blast furnaces, cylinders for steam engines and components for trains and barges.

Many of the works have survived to this day as the village has avoided development, and is now a World Heritage Site.

If you are interested in seeing how history was made, Ironbridge Gorge is one of the richest collections of working examples from our industrial heritage.

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While you’re there

Blists Hill Victorian Town

This open-air museum takes you back in time. There’s even a half-scale recreation of the iron bridge, made by modern engineers to discover how the original was built.

Ironbridge Gorge

One of 30 World Heritage Sites in the British Isles, Ironbridge Gorge is the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. Packed with museums it’s a great day out for families.


Telford has an excellent shopping centre full of brand leaders alongside good restaurants, pubs and cinemas.

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