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Warwick Castle

With its towering castle and maze of ancient streets, Warwick is one of the UK’s most impressive medieval market towns. Warwick city centre is a fascinating place to explore, with medieval architecture, independent shops and historical landmarks around every corner. As you wander the narrow streets, you’ll stumble upon antique centres, elegant boutiques, gift shops, fine dining restaurants and cosy old pubs. Warwick is surrounded by unspoilt countryside and scattered with parks and gardens, so it’s a great place from which to enjoy the great outdoors. With a packed calendar of live music, theatre, markets and much more besides, Warwick is not the kind of city where you’re likely to get bored. Look out for the popular summer concerts and famous Victorian Evening.

A trip to Warwick would be incomplete without visiting the magnificent Warwick Castle. This colossal structure was originally built by William the Conqueror in 1068. As you explore the dramatic grounds, perched on a cliff above a sweeping curve in the River Avon, it’s easy to see why Warwick Castle was identified as one of the UK’s best historical attractions by the British Tourism Association.

Memorable architecture

Warwick is a great place to be if you like shopping. Don’t miss the city’s renowned market, which takes place in Market Square every Saturday. There’s also a regular farmers’ market, where you can pick up fresh cheese, meat and vegetables from some of the region’s best producers. Warwick is also home to a remarkable number of specialist independent shops. If you’re looking for a unique item to take home with you, check out Warwick Antiques Centre and Vintage Antiques.

For a glimpse into Warwick’s intriguing past, visit Market Hall, one of the city’s outstanding museums. Here, you’ll discover one of the UK’s biggest collections of Roman coins, an ancient map of Warwickshire and a giant Irish deer.

“With its towering castle and maze of ancient streets, Warwick is one of the UK’s most impressive medieval market towns.”

Warwick has a reputation for good food and there are a number of restaurants, cafes and pubs which are known for their high standards. Tailor’s Restaurant turns fresh, locally sourced ingredients into tasty dishes including Cotswold lamb, BBQ pork and Berry Fields Farm beef. One of the city’s most unique places to eat is Tasca Dali, a brightly decorated restaurant and art gallery where the menu changes every day, according to which ingredients the chefs have got to work with. One of Warwick’s best-loved Italian restaurants is Micatto, whose extensive menu includes pastas, risottos and seafood. For some of the city’s best cakes and cream teas, try Wylie’s, a traditional tearoom.

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While you’re there

The Mill Garden

Wander the grounds of The Mill Garden for captivating beauty overlooking Warwick Castle.

The Table

Feast upon French, Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine at this casual dining experience.

Lord Leycester Hospital

Don't be put off by the name - this charitable institution is known for its medieval timbered structure and is worth a view.

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