Art ideas for your holiday home

Art ideas for your holiday home

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Art is often overlooked when it comes to holiday home décor, but a carefully selected piece can help give a room the ‘wow’ factor.

As we are all aware, when a guest enters your property, first impressions are hugely important.

They are the foundation on which the rest of the holiday is built, and every little touch, including artwork, can help leave a lasting impact.

Local artists

Original paintings can be a worthwhile investment. Especially in a luxury, high-end property where guests expect the very best, even down to the artwork you display. Where you have picked out particularly noteworthy pieces, be sure to include a reference to them in your welcome pack in case guests would like to make a purchase from the artist themselves.

If you’re unsure where to start your search for artwork, the local area is often a good bet. Search out local artists whose work depicts recognisable places to help draw your guests’ attention to the beauty in your region. Landscapes are often popular because they give the impression of space and freedom outside the four walls of your home.

Don’t feel you should stop at landscapes, however. If there are local artists creating work you like, which you feel will fit in your holiday home, then go ahead and buy it! Not only will you be supporting local artists, but you’ll also be able to introduce your guests to an artist whose work they may like in their own home.

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Abstract art is popular in the home due to its ability to complement or contrast with existing colour schemes. It is a safer bet in terms of universal appreciation than, say, a still-life or portrait which you are personally drawn to.

Bold colours can add a bright flash of interest in an otherwise neutral room, and you can choose other accessories such as candles, cushions, throws and coasters in the same colours to act as accent pieces.

That said, a bold statement can be made with a thought provoking piece depicting an unexpected subject matter – think Damian Hirst, or even Banksy. Guests may enjoy pieces which inspire discussion, but avoid delicate subjects such as life drawings or sensitive scenes which may cause offence.


Anything which can be photographed can become art, but be careful that your choices aren’t too generic or, conversely, too off-the-wall! Abstract-style photographs are a good option to add colour and interest without creating a specific focus. It’s advisable to avoid family portraits as they may make guests feel like they can’t make themselves at home.

Poster art

Poster prints are an extremely popular art form at present, from old-fashioned tourism posters to French theatre adverts. These celebrate the skill and creativity of the artists who produced the poster illustrations and work well in modern homes as a throwback to times gone by.

Typographic art

If you use inspiration apps such as Pinterest and Instagram you’ll know that typographic art is taking the interior design world by storm. Pick a quote or saying that is thought provoking or relevant to your property, and have it written out in an artistic fashion and framed for the wall. This type of art is good for the loo, where guests will have time to read and ponder!

Bring history to life

If your property or the area has a particularly interesting history, you may have some old photos which depict how it has changed over the years. Old maps can make interesting art works for your wall, as can newspaper clippings which have featured your property.

Installations or sculpture

Why stop at wall art? If your property has enough space and can carry off sculptures or larger three dimensional pieces, look into buying or commissioning an installation to help celebrate those areas which may otherwise go unnoticed. Sculptures can be functional, such as vases or clocks, or aesthetic only.

If you haven’t got enough room for a sculpture, the occasional tasteful ornament will help add interest to your room. Seaside-themed pieces are a favourite for holiday homes on the coast, or curios picked up from your travels can also serve as decorative trinkets.

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Posted by Clare on 12 May 2017

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