Considerations when investing in a holiday cottage hot tub

Considerations when investing in a holiday cottage hot tub

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Hot tubs are understandably desirable features for holiday home guests and, as such, investing in a hot tub can help maximise your bookings, encourage good reviews and even contribute towards repeat bookings. While the benefits speak for themselves, there are some hot tub rules for holiday lets that need to be adhered to for the safety of your guests. There are also several other considerations when it comes to choosing hot tubs for holiday lets.

Hot tub

Hot tubs and increased bookings

Many guests are looking for an element of luxury when booking a cottage holiday, and features such as hot tubs, along with other desirables such as wood burners or enclosed family-friendly gardens, can really help secure bookings. Having a hot tub at your holiday home also encourages bookings into the cooler, off-peak months; there's nothing like relaxing amongst the warming bubbles when there's a bit of a chill in the air! 

Offering a hot tub may enable you to increase your prices in line with the going rate for similar properties in your area - it's all a matter of balancing the costs and considerations with the potential benefits.

Happy hot tub users

As well as potentially encouraging more bookings, having a hot tub at your holiday let is also likely to positively impact guest reviews. If guests enjoy a few relaxing evenings stargazing in the hot tub, or recall their morning dips in their reviews and chats with friends, they help to spread the word about your property and encourage others to book too. 

For this reason, it's important to ensure that guests are left with nothing but a positive experience - keeping to regulations, cleanliness and maintenance of the hot tub and the surrounding space is a key consideration.

Water jets in a hot tub in a holiday let

What do hot tubs for holiday lets cost?

Hot tubs suitable for holiday lets start in the region of £5,000, and top-of-the-line models can be as much as £20,000. The model you choose depends on your budget and requirements such as the number of seats, number of water jets and other gadgets. There are specific hot tubs for holiday lets, designed to be durable, compliant with government legislation, easy to use and often with lockable controls. 

Once installed, ongoing costs include electricity, water, chemicals, maintenance and servicing - these can vary based on the model you choose and your electricity rates.

Hot tub rules

It is a good idea to include a list of hot tub rules in your welcome pack. Request that guests help keep the hot tub safe by using plastic drinking glasses (which you'll need to provide), replacing the lid after use, refraining from bringing anything into the hot tub with them and taking a shower before use to wash off suncream etc. Also, highlight age restrictions for children. 

Include an explanation on how to use the hot tub and let guests know when you or your caretaker will be coming in to perform daily checks.

Hot tub advice from the experts

We asked our friends at the Hot Tub Superstore to outline some key things to think about, including hot tub regulations for holiday lets. Here's what they had to say:

Friends relaxing in a hot tub

How to choose a suitable hot tub for your holiday home

Think simplicity. Today's, high specification, range-topping hot tub models may be ideal for customers own-home gardens, but for use in a holiday cottage, less is more. Simple, easy to understand controls and minimal features means less confusion for the customer and minimal concerns for the cottage owner. A fancy ‘bells and whistles’ hot tub may appeal – especially if you have a high-end location – but all rental applications benefit from simple, uncomplicated designs: they provide everything you need, without anything you don’t.

What size hot tub do you need?

Hot tubs are generally judged in size by their seating capacity - although this can be misleading. For most family rental applications, a 6-seat design will offer the right amount of space for up to six users, or potentially more comfortable for four. Hot tubs can appear deceptively large if viewing them for the first time – which can lead to models being sold that are actually a little too small for the job. Running and purchase costs often barely increase for slightly larger models – so if space allows – go for a model that fits at least the number of guests you pertain to – very few ‘hot-tubbers’ wish they had bought a smaller one!

Hot tub maintenance

Maintenance for hot tubs in holiday lets

Owners have a responsibility to ensure the water they provide in the spa is safe, regularly monitored – and the results documented. This is a straight-forward task but of course, it’s worth knowing you’re doing everything right. Consider becoming part of BISHTA’s (British Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Association) associate scheme where you’ll have access to the latest training and information.

Is your holiday let hot tub compliant?

Commercially-used hot tubs have to comply with the government’s latest health and safety recommendations: HSG 282. The recommendations are focused on ensuring hot tubs are safe and suitable for public use. Guidelines include automatic/continuous chemical dosing and procedures in place for daily testing and regular water changes.

Quality and service

Product reliability and solid customer service is never more important and must be top of your list when choosing your hot tub supplier. Choose a company that specialises in hot tubs for the purpose – and those that you feel can offer the right level of customer service.

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