Considerations when investing in a holiday cottage hot tub

Considerations when investing in a holiday cottage hot tub

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Investing in a hot tub can help maximise bookings for holiday cottage owners. But what are the main considerations if you’re thinking about taking the plunge? Here, the Hot Tub Superstore outlines some key things to think about.

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Think simplicity. Today's, high specification, range-topping hot tub models may be ideal for customers own-home gardens, but for use in a holiday cottage, less is more. Simple, easy to understand controls and minimal features means less confusion for the customer and minimal concerns for the cottage owner. A fancy ‘bells and whistles’ hot tub may appeal – especially if you have a high-end location – but all rental applications benefit from simple, uncomplicated designs: they provide everything you need, without anything you don’t.


Hot tubs are generally judged in size by their seating capacity - although this can be misleading. For most family rental applications, a 6-seat design will offer the right amount of space for up to six users, or potentially more comfortable for four. Hot tubs can appear deceptively large if viewing them for the first time – which can lead to models being sold that are actually a little too small for the job. Running and purchase costs often barely increase for slightly larger models – so if space allows – go for a model that fits at least the number of guests you pertain to – very few ‘hot-tubbers’ wish they had bought a smaller one!


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Owners have a responsibility to ensure the water they provide in the spa is safe, regularly monitored – and the results documented. This is a straight-forward task but of course, it’s worth knowing you’re doing everything right. Consider becoming part of BISHTA’s (British Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Association) associate scheme where you’ll have access to the latest training and information.

Is it compliant?

Commercially-used hot tubs have to comply with the government’s latest health and safety recommendations: HSG 282. The recommendations are focused on ensuring hot tubs are safe and suitable for public use. Guidelines include automatic/continuous chemical dosing and procedures in place for daily testing and regular water changes.

Quality and Service

Product reliability and solid customer service is never more important and must be top of your list when choosing your hot tub supplier. Choose a company that specialises in hot tubs for the purpose – and those that you feel can offer the right level of customer service.

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