Tackle condensation in your holiday cottage with a Positive Air System

Tackle condensation in your holiday cottage with a Positive Air System

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Did you know that the average home produces 5-10 litres of moisture every day?

Condensation and damp are common problems in houses across the country. Coastal homes suffer the most from this problem, and both new and old homes are affected. For holiday cottage owners who may be worried about the effects this problem could be having on the appearance and ultimately the profitability of their properties, this can be a real concern. 

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What causes condensation in homes?

The reason behind the problem can differ according to the age of the property.  New homes are built using a large amount of insulation and double-glazed windows, meaning the house cannot breathe as easily, and consequently condensation builds up. Conversely, older houses are affected by condensation because the walls are cold and when hit with the hot air from heating, condensation occurs.

One affordable and reliable solution to this problem is to install a Positive Air Ventilation System, introducing small amounts of fresh filtered air into the home at a continuous rate, encouraging the movement of air from inside to outside, thus preventing condensation from occurring.

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How to install a Positive Air Ventilation System

Such technology is designed to immediately prevent condensation from settling. The unit is installed in the loft with only one visible circular vent in the landing ceiling and works by continuously pumping small amounts of filtered, low-humidity air throughout the property. The unit is also virtually silent, and the circulating air does not create any breeze, meaning holiday cottage guests will not notice the equipment at work.

Ultimately, this means that holiday cottage owners should never have to worry again about damp patches and mould appearing on walls or condensation soaking the windows - even if the holiday property is left empty for months at a time.

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How much does a Positive Air System cost?

With an estimated running cost of just 1p per day, installing a Positive Air System unit should work out far cheaper than the freestanding dehumidifiers often used in domestic premises today, which have an average comparative running cost of 1p per hour. There is also very little maintenance involved, with the unit only requiring the filter being changed on average once every three years.

The cost of the unit itself – with installation included - is typically under £800 for an average house. However, it is expected that this initial outlay can soon be recouped by the savings that come from closing your windows in the winter, and from the reduced repair and maintenance associated with damp and mould.

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How does the Positive Air System help?

  • Significantly reduces humidity in the air
  • Helps prevent mould growth and damp caused by condensation, which left unchecked can have an effect on furniture, carpets and even the structure of the building
  • It can also help allergy and asthma sufferers by controlling dust mite allergens that can develop in humid conditions

Other benefits of the Positive Air System:

  • Meets parts F & L of Building Regulations as a low-energy ventilation technology
  • Can provide additional heating of the incoming air if required
  • Can be on standby in the summer months
  • Only one system is required for the home

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