Is your holiday let secure?

Is your holiday let secure?

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Holiday lets see lots of guests coming and going, and you may not always be there to let them in personally. It's reassuring to know that your property is secure, even when there's no one there.

According to stats from the ONS, domestic burglary has been at an all-time low over recent years, but it’s always best to be safe rather than sorry.

Below we’ve outlined some steps you can take to make your property as secure as possible. Read on to learn some basic tips to make your holiday property secure from burglary.

Key Safe

Install a key safe

Police-approved key safes are available which allow your guests to access the keys to your property by typing in an authorisation code. You can change this code between bookings if you like, and provide it to guests in their pre-holiday information. has a partnership with the Key Safe Company and our owners can benefit from a 10% discount. Learn more about our Owner Benefits scheme on our Money Matters page.

Securing windows and doors

Doors and windows

Sometimes guests may leave windows open while they go out – you can avoid this by including a friendly reminder in the welcome pack to ask them to secure the property before they leave.

Most modern windows are fitted with locks, but if yours aren’t, you might want to consider installing some.

Vigilant cleaners

If you live away from your property or employ someone to carry out cleaning and maintenance, they can be your eyes and ears on the ground!

Highlight any key security checks they need to make, such as locking doors and windows, putting the keys in the key safe, or securing garages and outside spaces. You could also ask them to pop in during vacant periods to do a quick security check.

Burglar alarm

Burglar alarms

Burglar alarms can act as a deterrent, or an alert should a break-in occur.

You may wish to leave instructions on setting and deactivating the alarm for guests or just use it during vacant periods.

Visit the National Security Inspectorate for more information and for providers near you.

Insure your property

Insure your property

It is essential that you get specialist holiday home insurance to cover your property against theft and other eventualities.

Be sure to consider the policy carefully – some providers may not insure against entry that is not forced or violent, for example, if a thief enters through an unlocked window.

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