Modern minimalism - Holiday home decor guide

Modern minimalism - Holiday home decor guide

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Pick up any furniture brochure or interior design magazine and you’ll find monochrome colour schemes and minimalist décor gracing every glossy page.

Aspirational living rooms and fresh, uncluttered bedrooms have you wishing you could leap right into the magazine and relax on that beautiful charcoal-cushioned chaise-longue. Bear this in mind when decorating your holiday home and this feeling of ‘I want to be there’ will help convert potential guests into paying customers.

Functional and relaxing, the modern minimalist style is here to stay and here’s how you can achieve it.

Pick a colour and stick to it

White is the new magnolia. It’s fresh, clean and brightens up even the darkest of rooms. It’s easy to touch up inevitable bumps and scrapes, and its timelessness means it will never look out of date.

white minimalist holiday home room

Choose a subtle complimentary colour for furniture and accessories and don’t stray from it. If you’re starting from a blank canvas, with each item you purchase for your property, ask yourself the question ‘does this fit with my colour scheme’ and be strict with yourself if the answer is no.

Complimentary colour combinations – white and…
  • Charcoal – use sparingly for maximum effect. A single charcoal sofa, a set of shelves or a television stand breaks up an otherwise light coloured room.
  • Muted green – subtly introduce this colour with house plants which will also breathe life into your fresh new room.
  • Taupe – very ‘in vogue’, this soft colour works well with white to create a homely and welcoming feel.
  • Oak – the warmth of oak furniture lends a cosy atmosphere to any white room.

Carefully selected accessories

Studies have shown that clutter can trigger a stress response, so minimalism is the ideal tonic. By limiting the amount of items on show, you’ll find it easier to create the refreshing, orderly look which is so pleasing to the eye. Besides its aesthetic qualities, a minimalist room is also easier to maintain and clean, saving you or your caretaker valuable time on changeover days.

Minimal room with a house plant

House plants

Bringing nature indoors can help give your rooms more character and house plants are wonderful accessories for adding a muted splash of colour here and there. Just remember that someone will have to water them, so it’s best to choose varieties such as succulents which can be left for relatively long periods without attention.


Square, circular, metal-framed or wood, a well-positioned mirror will not only make a statement in your room, but can also help a smaller room appear more airy and bright.


A cursory glance at interior inspiration websites such as Pinterest will reveal that a wall of juxtaposed frames of different sizes is the perfect focal point for a minimalist room. As for what to put in the frames, mix neutral photos with interesting artworks, carefully selected to coordinate with your chosen colours.


Who says that a functional piece of furniture can’t also serve as an accessory? Unique or vintage pieces add character to a minimalist room and make your marketing photos stand out from competitors’.


Show off your newly decorated room in the best light (literally). Think about lighting before you start, as this will give you the opportunity to install wall lights, move switches, or add lighting where there was none before. Minimalist lighting comes in all shapes and sizes, but a favoured choice is industrial-style exposed bulbs which provide a feature for any room.

Find out how to arrange your furniture and accessories in our article 'Our top tips for designing your holiday property layout'.

Lines and curves

The key to achieving the perfect minimalist décor is finding an aesthetic balance of straight lines and curves. Geometric shapes (think terrariums, designer shelving and Aztec inspired cushions) are very ‘on trend’ but straight lines can be softened by the introduction of a circular mirror here or a spherical footstool there.

Patterns such as hexagons and other tessellating shapes can be reflected in the wall art, light fittings and even shelving to bring the whole room together. The key here is to not go too over the top when it comes to matching items by shape so as not to look overpowering.

Minimalist room with geometric accents


Think floorboards and rugs. Easy to clean in the event of spillages and ideal for high traffic areas, laminate flooring comes in varieties to suit all styles and budgets. Opt for white or grey oak to lend your room a beach house flavour, or choose slightly darker wood to compliment your colour scheme.

Minimalist wooden floor

Make it count

Once your holiday home makeover is complete, you’ll want your marketing photos to show it at its very best. Make sure that photos are well lit, high resolution and showing the room from an optimised angle. Stage the room as if it were lived in (but not messy!) to help people picture themselves relaxing there. Browse examples online to get inspiration and enlist the help of professionals such as our Property Managers here at to ensure that your hard work is rewarded with high booking levels. For further reading, take a look at our article ‘Preparing your home for a photo session’.

If you’d like some friendly advice on décor please get in touch with our team, or visit ‘Let Your Property’ for more information on letting with us.

Posted by Clare on 10 March 2017

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