Nautical style for your cottage

Nautical style for your cottage

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Ever wondered how to achieve nautical style in your property?

Whether it’s stripes and anchors or some perfectly placed driftwood, achieving the seaside style can really work wonders for your cottage. Striking the balance between nautically nutty and casually coastal can be difficult, so we’ve put together some top tips to help you go from sea sick to sea-sational.

Top tips for nautical decor

  1. Colour scheme – Inevitably there’s going to a fair bit of blue in any coastal-themed cottage. Think duck egg, sky blue and pastels, combining lots of whites and creams for a subtle yet effective palette that will not only reflect your desired theme, but also help to open up your rooms to feel more spacious thanks to the lighter tones.
  2. Driftwood works – From delicate and dainty to majestic centre pieces, driftwood works in all manner of shapes and sizes and always creates a dramatic effect when placed against a nautical backdrop. Popular choices for subtle driftwood currently include picture frames, mirrors and wind chimes, but bear in mind how versatile and economical this method of decorating is to ensure optimum effect for both purse and property.
  3. Less is more – Flooding your home with an array of seaside-themed trinkets may seem like a good idea, but more often than not, subtlety is the real winner when it comes to interior design. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to deck out your whole home in beachy blues or just the one room, a refined take on the design will always have you on the right track. Steer clear of flooding your property with a ton of bright colours or overloading it with accessories.
  4. Think outside the bathroom – From lighthouses and anchors to shells and life rings, the inclination to focus on the bathroom is common if you just want the coast to come through in a single room. But consider branching out to other less likely spaces, adding intricate details to make all the difference to your nautical theme; these little additions in rooms such as the kitchen and lounge can really bring together the style of the house and create a design that flows seamlessly throughout.

For more ideas on how to turn your decorating ideas into reality, take a look at our article 'Top tips for furnishing and decorating your holiday cottage'.

top tips for nautical decor

Ideas for nautical decor in different rooms


Beige sofas with blue and white striped cushions are always a safe bet if you’re starting out with nautical nuance in the living room, or perhaps some crisp white blinds or curtains may be more appropriate for your cottage. If you’ve got longer curtains that need tying back, a subtle solution is using a dock cleat to secure the rope around during the day.


Combine two styles in one with coastal and shabby chic, utilising white-washed wood to achieve the perfect blend, or if you’re searching for that effect across a larger scale, seek out some white wood effect wallpaper to really set the look off. A fisherman’s pendant light is ideal for that understated touch whilst still fulfilling the scheme, or instead, opt for crockery and dinnerware in blue and white hues to echo the theme across the dining table too.


Take your pick from a wide selection of nautical themed bedding, with an abundance of bed sets featuring seaside-style designs readily available from hundreds of different stockists. If you don’t want to go all out with a new bed spread for each room, try scattering a handful of cushions with a nautical theme; whether they’re designed with coastal quotes or feature striking stitched imagery, they’ll suffice in providing those nautical notes you’re after. Alternatively, driftwood frames and candle holders are becoming increasingly popular and can easily be acquired from a range of shops.


Shells, storage and subtlety are really what you’re looking for in a bathroom setting; pastels and whites work beautifully, whilst details such as intricate shells and carefully positioned starfish will really set off the look of the room. Twisted rope around various items such as mirrors and wash baskets are common with the theme, or opt for a seascape across the wall to really bring the outside in.


Whether you’re decking out a summer house or you just want to make sure the coastal theme is echoed from every corner of the property, there’s plenty you can do to the outside space that will add a real finesse to the seaside style. Rope ottomans create a truly nautical theme, whilst rope fencing works well around decking. If you’re looking for something on a smaller scale that will still make an impact, a little mood lighting coupled with driftwood is always effective, or even just a sprinkling of shells on top of soil in plant pots goes a long way for such a little effort.

The opportunities with a nautical theme really are endless, with plenty of ideas to experiment with to channel the charm of the coast in your property.

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Posted by Kirsty on 13 April 2017

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